Explorers, Today we got an Epic Immune Strike Event! This is quite the difficult Strike Event, so we’ve prepared a short guide for those of you having trouble completing it. The final step does reward an Epic Incubator, but worry not, if you don’t manage to complete it, this incubator isn’t the best anyways if we were to be honest, so it’s quite a skippable event.

Enemy List

Step 1:Secodontosaurus (11), Ornithomimus (12), Ophiacodon (13)
Step 2:Postimetrodon (13), Dimetrodon (14), Gallimimus (15)
Step 3:Secodontosaurus (13), Ornithomimus (14), Ophiacodon (15)
Step 4:Postimetrodon (14), Dimetrodon (15), Tryostronix (16)
Step 5:Secodontosaurus (15), Ornithomimus (16), Indominus Rex (17)
Step 6:Postimetrodon (16), Dimetrodon (17), Tryostronix (18)
Step 7:Secodontosaurus (18), Ornithomimus (19), Indominus Rex (21)


The stages that really pop out to most people are steps 4-7 obviously since they all have a legendary Dino, either Indominus Rex or Tryostronix.

Steps 1-3 aren’t so hard, some might have a bit of an issue with Ornithomimus due to its speed and evasive moves, but worry not, it does little damage and can easily be countered by a Dino Null as Null goes through Immunity so it takes away it’s evasive. Some Dinos with Null that should take care of it are: Tanycolagreus, Diplocalus Gen 2, Koolasuchus Gen 2, Koolasuchus, Monolophosaurus (Not recommended due to low hp), Dilophosaurus and Monolometrodon.

Secodontosaurus shouldn’t be too hard to deal with, you’ll have a bit more trouble with Dimetrodon and Postimetrodon though. For Secodontosaurus, just find something that does 2237 damage on turn 2 with 115 speed or faster, who also doesn’t die to 1367 damage from the level 18 Critical Impact (2733 on a crit) on Turn 1.

Dimetrodon should be the same a Secodontosaurus, but has a bit more health and is more unpredictable one Turn 1, since it also has access to Defense Shattering Impact as well as Critical Impact. So for Dimetrodon, bring out something with 114 speed or quicker that can deal 2576 damage or more on turn 2 while tanky enough to take 1944 damage if the Crit on Critical Impact lands.

Postimetrodon is quite the bugger here, thankfully it only goes up to level 16. It has 124 Speed so unlike the other two, you might have to take 2 hits from it if you don’t have something with 125 speed or more and can deal over 2582 Damage on turn 2. But that being said, it’s best to have something that can deal such damage on Turn 2 before Postimetrodon has a chance to attack you since it’s Turn 1 damage is quite deadly. If you’re thinking of using Velociraptor, it will have to be over level 18 to take a Ferocious Strike from Postimetrodon to survive till turn 2 and kill it, all the other raptors should be a bit easier since they have a second impact move on turn 2, but the secret weapon here are the high speed, decent hp Null Dinos, like Diplocalus Gen 2, Koolsuchus Gen 2, Koolasuchus and Tanycolagreus, since they can null on Turn 1 and take decreased damage from the ferocious strike. But remember, these Dinos need to be at a decent level to take out the Postimetrodon on turn 2, since you’ll have to null on turn 1, so most likely you’ll have to survive till turn 4, which in most cases is very likely that you will, due to their high health pool and decreased damage taken from ferocious strike, and kill it on turn 4. For example, Null-Impact-Impact-Null on Koolasuchus at level 13 should kill it no problem on turn 4.

Next let’s go through the first Legendary, Tryostronix. Tryostronix is extremely similar to Postimetrodon but hits harder on turn 2 and has more hp. It is 124 speed, so you have a bit more options on your hand in terms of outspeeding it, since tanks aren’t gonna work too well on it. The Koolasuchus method used before unfortunately doesn’t work as well here unless you have a very decent leveled one, as Tryostronix has more health at level 18 and does way more damage too. A level 14 Spinotahraptor can handily take out the Tryostronix, but if you don’t have it at level 14 yet, you could always bring it down to one shot range then swap in a faster Dino than it and kill it. Most Raptors over level 14 should do the trick as well (other than Velociraptor).

The last Dino you’ll have to deal with is the Indominus Rex, which is one of the more tricky Dinos to deal with. It is also, level 21, so that’ll hurt. Worry not, we’ve got the perfect strategy for you. Indominus weaknesses are quite obvious. It’s low speed, lack of shield breaking, and lack of armor/shields. So all you need is something that does a ton of non-armor piercing/shield breaking damage with a shield and we’ve got the perfect Dino for you-Majundasuchus. At level 16, Majundasuchus with Short Defense-Ferocious Strike-Cleansing Impact kills Indominus Rex on Turn 3 since it outspeeds it. Even if you haven’t got yours that high yet, a level 12 Majundasuchus should bring it low enough for any null Dino to one shot it. The only problem here is the 20% crit and when or if it cloaks. At Level 16, you’ll be fine if Indominus Crits on the Impact, but not the Rampage. If it does Cloak, however, you should be fine so long as you land at least one hit on cloak, although it would help if the hit you land are the Ferocious hits. Then whatever dino that comes in who can do over 1.2k Damage should clean it up.


Step 1

300 Coins

Step 2

500 Coins

Step 3

Step 4

1000 Coins

Step 5

Step 6

1500 Coins

Step 7

Potential DNA in Incubators

Parting Words

This is quite the difficult event, tell us down in the comments if this helped you at all. Again, if you fail, don’t worry, the rewards aren’t that great. If you’re still having trouble, join our Discord here and follow us on twitter and facebook for latest updates on Jurassic World Alive.


    • If you have Majundasuchus at level 12, it likely isn’t going to beat it. You need it a few levels higher to be able to take advantage of having a high enough health pool and attack to really have the best chance of using it to take down an I-Rex. But its basically playing a numbers game and hoping it doesn’t decide to cloak. If you shield first turn, you take half damage for a couple turns…this, coupled with the attack boost second turn, and cleansing impact third would allow a level 16 Majundasuchus to beat the lvl 21 I-Rex (since you’ll pick a move faster) as long as it doesn’t cloak. If it does…have to hope the coin flip goes in your favor. But in this case, doesn’t matter that I-Rex is immune since you arent trying to apply status effects to it.

  1. Any specific suggestions for dinos that will work on seco, post, and dimet, and what levels? You listed Tany, Koola, etc. above, but what levels will work for the non-legendary dinos? I don’t like going in unprepared, especially when you can only lose 2x before paying to try again.

  2. I had this event one hit away from victory, then the Ornithomimus took the full 240 to move against my invincible Alanqa. When the timer ran out I was awarded “Defeat”, though I had lost but one dino. This happen to anyone else?