Explorers, Today we have our second ever Epic Immune Strike Event and it features a single level 30 Indominus Rex! This is among the hardest Strike Event that you will ever face, but it’s all worth it as the reward is a regular Epic Incubator! Be aware, some players might not be able to complete it, but worry not, we have some advice in order to help you be successful!


Indominus Rex

A single level 30 Indominus Rex! Many of you have already faced level 21 of this creature in the other Epic Immune Strike Event, but a level 30 is incredibly powerful and tricky to defeat!

Be aware, it is very likely that to succeed, you will need to sacrifice one or even two Dinosaurs, allowing the third one to give the final blow!



Indominus weaknesses are quite obvious:

  • low speed;
  • lack of shield breaking;
  • lack of armor/shields.

Stats and Moveset Calculation:

HP: 5105

Damage: 1544

Speed: 107

Crit Chance: 20%

Impact Damage: 2316

Rampage Damage: 3088

The ideal Dinosaurs you should bring on your team for this battle should have one/two/all of the followings:

  • higher speed than Indominus Rex (to make sure that you can use your shield or nullifying moves before Indominus can attack);
  • a shield or Long Invincibility (to counter Indominus’s Armor Piercing Rampage);
  • nullifying moves (to nullify Indominus’s Cloak). For complete lists of Dinosaurs with Nullifying moves, check out this list and this one.

There are various Dinosaurs that will be able to help you through this, but we certainly have five suggestions for you. Of course, not everyone has those Dinosaurs available, but it’ll give you an idea of the Dinosaurs to bring with you.

  • Megalosuchus (Faster, has a shield, and can deal a great amount of damage)
  • Monostegotops (Faster and can nullify with a rather high chance of dealing a critical hit. It however has no shield, so might die quickly unless it lands a critical hit)
  • Tanycolagreus (Faster, decent damage, nullifying move available, but very low HP)
  • Monolophosaurus (Faster, good damage, nullifying move available, but very low HP)
  • Blue (Faster, strong damage, shield available, but otherwise low HP)
  • Alanqa/Arambourgiania/Alankylosaurus (Swap in Invincibility against the cloaked Rampage, or just Rampage)
  • StygimolochDracorex Gen 2 Combo (Shielding Strike to survive, then Impact and run for massive Damage)
  • Raptors (Just for the high Turn 1 Damage)
  • Miragaia (Needs to be level 10 to survive a hit, but deals massive amounts of Turn 1 Damage)

Another possible strategy is to go all in with your own Indominus Rex!

In short, bring Dinosaurs with Nullifying moves, shields, speed, and decent damage output, and you should be able to make it through the challenge!


Potential DNA in Incubators

Anything! This is a regular Epic Incubator, which is incredibly exciting!

Parting Words

This is quite a difficult event! Tell us down in the comments if this helped you at all. If you’re still having trouble, join our Discord here and our team will help you as much as they can! Make sure to follow us on twitter and facebook for latest updates on Jurassic World Alive.