Explorers! We have some good news for you all! Some people were slightly disappointed that they did not have access to more Scent of Fear Capsules. Well, ask and you shall receive!

Scent of Fear Capsule in the Store!

People were wondering if they would be given the opportunity to stock up on those very valuable Halloween Scent Capsules! Well, your dream came true (don’t judge people’s dreams). For 200 Cash, you can get one Scent of Fear Capsule.

These Capsules will last for 20 minutes and award mostly Common and Rare DNAs. We have received no report of Legendary or Unique DNA to be awarded from those, but the Common and Rare DNA available in these Capsules makes it worth buying on their own!

We know for a fact that we will stock up on a few of those!

Face Your Fears Bundle!

While you may think that it simply includes a small amount of DNA, think again! The Bundle is sold at 220 Cash and actually includes the followings:

  • 1 Scent of Fear Capsule;
  • A minimum of 64 DNA (Minimum depends on your player level);
  • 120 Darts.

We’ll be honest, the Darts are not interesting at all (they will stack however so you can stock up those), it’s a fairly good deal considering that the Scent of Fear Capsule is worth 200 Cash. It means that you are guaranteed a good amount of Darts and some DNA on top of that for 20 Cash.

Reports indicate that Common DNA is most likely to be awarded from it, but still, it’s cheap DNA! Overall, we believe that it’s a very good deal!

However, the most interesting part from these deals is that they last for 9 days which doesn’t necessarily confirm that the Halloween Event will last for a second week, but it certainly hints towards it! We could have some surprises in this potential second week of Extravaganza! Worry not, we’ll keep you updated on the matter!

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests will be available throughout the day until 9:00 a.m. on October 25th. For more information on Treasure Chests, check out our complete guide right here!


  1. I just can’t see the justification of of the DNA pack. Frankly, I’ve already held disdain for pricing out darts, a FREE resource you practically have an infinite amount of. The only way you’re going to run out is if you are passenger on a long highway that has not been seeded with supply crate spins or you’re in a sparse area while sitting in one place not moving for a significant amount of time.

    I FINALLY had a Tapjoy resolution so I have about 1700 hard cash to burn but I sure as heck am not wasting it on this sad amount of event planning. Guess it’s more coins for me….

    • its getting cold in some parts of the world… like my time hunting dna is gonna be limited soon cold… the scent are a great value for me someone who hunts primarily in a l1 because i don’t hit l4s as much as i’d like.. so the spinosaur dna alone is worth it..the package with the dart is for someone planning to use these at home.which i’ve done about 8 of these now… the amount of rares doesn’t increase just cause your moving I’ve had 1 rare spawn walking scents and 3 rare spawns while chilling on my couch,