Explorers! Today we go over the things that happened so far in the first week of the Halloween Extravaganza! Some things often go unnoticed, so we think it’s important that we highlight them up for players who may have missed out on them!

Season 2 – Tournaments’ Rewards are out!

If you finished Season 2 with 4,250 Trophies or more, make sure to check your inbox in the game as you should have received your reward!


Over the past week, Ludia circulated not one, but two polls within the game! These are always important as they are an excellent way of giving feedback to the developers! Plus, we know for a fact now that they do use this feedback and implement some of it in the game!

The first survey was the most important as it was touching base regarding migrations! A lot of people often complain that they only see the same Dinosaurs. Well, this survey is/was for you, so we hope that you took the time to complete!

The second survey is somewhat relevant as well, but in a different way. In the second poll, you are asked to select the 5 cutest Dinosaurs! As we know from the ongoing Halloween event, Ludia uses these surveys for the planning of events. Scariest Dinos’ survey helped Ludia create the Halloween event. Cutest Dinosaurs? If we had to jump on a limb, we’d make the assumption that Ludia is touching base to plan out a potential (let’s be honest, there will be one) Holiday event! So vote wisely!

Deals in the Store

Of course, we already shared the details of the Halloween sale going on in the store where one can get a Halloween Bundle or the famous Halloween Scent of Fear! More information on those here!

What is of interest to us is the new Incubator on sale in the store featuring the infamous Scary Creatures! Who doesn’t want/need more Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA?! We definitely do! What should you expect from this Incubator? The followings:

EpicTyrannosaurus RexGorgosuchus
Legendary (very very small odds)Indominus Rex

Is it worth it? Well, if you’re having a hard time finding Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus Rex, yes 100%! We know for a fact that let temptation get the best of us for at least one of those bad boys! Will you?

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