This week’s dinosaurs have been announced, and it’s looking like scary (good) week! There is a grand total of 10 Dinosaurs coming, including a couple very special ones.

This week marks the return of the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor to the map. Use your attempt at each wisely, because one attempt is all you got!

Monday + Tuesday (36 attempts)

Wednesday + Thursday (18 attempts)

Friday (6 attempts)

Saturday (1 attempt)

Sunday (1 attempt)

Which Dinosaurs To Focus On

This week is very good overall. While some of these dinos may be common, they are needed in such abundance that we will take what we can get.

For Commons: We recommend you focus on darting Velociraptor to progress towards making or leveling Indoraptor, you should make the most of your attempts while darting Velociraptor. If you choose to dart some Tanycolagreus, that’s not a bad decision either. Tany certainly has its uses at the right level.

For Rares: The rares are more of a tossup, any of them would be good decisions. If you are trying to work towards Spinotasuchus, dart Spinosaurus. If you want to level up your Gorgosuchus or Suchotator, dart them instead.

For Epics: You should focus on using all 6 attempts here on Rex, as you really can’t ever have enough of it. Rex is needed for so many end-game dinos, you shouldn’t ever pass up the opportunity to get more of it.

Legendary and Unique: You’ve got one attempt at each of Indominus Rex and Indoraptor. Aim your shots carefully, these dinos are very difficult to dart. Don’t get frustrated, as any extra DNA you get from this event will be saving you tons of time collecting Velociraptor and Rex DNA.

RECAP: How Do Featured Dinosaurs Work?
1. You have a set number of hours to collect DNA from the Featured Dinos, as indicated on the Special Event Supply Drop once you open them.
2. Cycles always begin at 10:00 a.m. EDT and last for however many days indicated by Ludia.
3. Number of attempts is based on the dinosaurs Tier:
Common: 12    Rare: 6     Epic: 3     Legendary: 1     Unique: 1
4. During the given time period, there will be anywhere from 1-5 different Featured Dinos and you will have a combined number of attempts for the Dinosaurs together! For example, If Ludia gives us two common dinos to choose between, you will have 24 attempts. If you need more of Dino A DNA then Dino B DNA, Do more attempts on Dino A! Or vice versa!

Parting Words

This week is one of the more exciting events we’ve had in a while and Ludia has definitely given us an amazing chance to earn some very good DNA.

What about you? Are you happy with this weeks dinos? Will you be following our advice or do you have your own unique strategy?

Come share your thoughts with us in our Discord and follow us on Twitter to get the latest Jurassic World Alive news.



  1. Im not sure if this is a bug or anything but something wierd just happened to me. Just won a battle and you know the pop-up that shows you the coins and then the incubator you won? Well mine showed (accurately) that I won raptor dna…anyone else have that happen?

      • What you say is true, but I should say that:
        1. T-Rex is the most commonly seen epic (at least for me). Sometimes, I can catch up to 4 T-Rex’es a day. So, it’s definitely not that epic that I would want to see in the weekly event.
        2. Indominus and Indoraptor are only given a single try so you won’t be able to dart a lot of their DNA. Moreover, Indominus isn’t that difficult to create at all. Even Indoraptor is not such a big deal, comparing to the other uniques which are 10 times more difficult to create.
        3. Well, maybe for the low and mid-level arena players this event is worth something but for me as a high level player with L23 Indoraptor it’s just too boring. I already accumulated thousands of T-Rex DNA while trying to find a single spawn of some Monolophosaurus or Ouranosaurus, so now, darting another 600 of T-Rex doesn’t do much sense as I can dart them in a few regular days, without any event.

        • 1) You lucky bastard. I’m glad to see one T-rex per week… And given the amount of DNA needed it’s the dino I love seeing the most. But I guess you are not the only one given the numbers of Indoraptor I see running around…
          2) That sort of comes from the fact how many DNA is needed. Even if you screwed up and managed to get just 10 indoraptor DNA that means you just saved 2000 DNA from raptor and 50 from I-rex (50 Rex + 500 raptor). That are VERY good numbers for me. And I would prefer one indoraptor try over the whole set of previous week dinos.
          3) Again, you lucky bastard 😀 What is the level of the rest of your team? I still can’t wrap my head around the Indoraptor of 22+ lvl with the rest of the team barely being 20.. (and I’m not talking about the most rare hybrids either).
          But it really depends. I currently have Monolophosaurus DNA but cannot use it as I lack the other ‘ingredients’ instead… 🙂
          Still T-rex is needed in several Apex dinos which means that vast majority of the player needs him.

          • 1. Hmm, it looks like you are really unlucky with the T-Rex… but okay, convinced 🙂 I myself would really love to see other epic spawns at least at half the pace at which I encounter T-Rex in the wild.
            2. Well, T-Rex is probably a hard thing to get in your area but Velociraptor? Just get out in the night time and have a ride on a car / bus / tram / bike / whatever and in a few hours you’ll easily have 4000+ DNA. When I was creating Indoraptor, I was taking a bus in the evening and just darting ONLY Velociraptor for about 2,5 hours. The result was something between 5000 and 7000 DNA a day. Well, sure, if I saw an Ouranosaurus (it happened to me once) I just luckily getting off the bus and just running in the direction of that beast hoping it won’t vanish before I get close…
            3. Yep, the rest of my team are levels 19-20 because it is a tough job to level up Legendaries without seeing their ingredients in the wild for months. I have Stegodeus at level 23 and Tragodistis at level 22, both easily can be made to levels 24-25 right at the moment but I keep coins for something more important to come, still hoping that someday I will collect enough Dracorex and/or Dimetrodon and/or Tuojiangosaurus DNA to start creating the other uniques 🙂 but even though almost every evening, I’m out for several hours going through zones 2 and 3, I’m only having 4400 Tuojiango DNA and 8300 Dracorex 🙁 even using the scents to catch more of those but they just hide somewhere around…

          • 1) It’s true that it often feels like the RNG is against us. But it’s also due to the fact we are focused on the fact 🙂
            Also just checking, how common is the freaking Concavenator for you? Because that is the Epic I definitely see most often and unless it’s nearby I don’t even bother anymore.
            2) Yes, Raptor is definitely doable but time consuming. Especially on lower level for free to play players as while I’m able to get Outstanding on him relatively often, it’s still only 200+ DNA. That means for one click on Indoraptor I need to catch 10 raptor at least which more often than not results in 10 DNA. (And that ignoring Indorex requirement). Still I agree that you can at least find them 🙂
            3) Okay, you at least got Tragodist up there as well, but when I see even lolgodeus on level 20 (or lower!) and someone got Indoraptor on lvl 23? It boggles my mind 😀

            Dracorex exist? I think he is just a legend 😀 (but okay, I saw one few days ago for like the first time in a month?).
            And Dimetrodon is also hard to get to level 20.
            So good luck with that 🙂

          • 1. I can see Concavenator spawning around my home every second night but since I collected 2000+ DNA of his DNA and since it is a useless creature so far, I don’t bother too unless the spawn is reachable from home.
            2. While I was riding a bus and darting Velociraptor I could only make about 120-180 DNA out of it (because the buses are quite shaky…) but still it was resulting in at least 5000 DNA in the end of the evening, so my opinion is that Velociraptor DNA is one of the easiest to collect. The easier ones are only Stegosaurus and you know… 🙂 even Apatosaurus is now more difficult to find than Velociraptor.
            3. Such a discrepancy of the tiers and levels may be a result of buying incubators that guarantee epic DNA while not really getting out to collect common and rare DNA. Another possible cause may be that folks are just unsure whether Stegodeus will be same powerful tomorrow or it will be nerfed. We never know, right? And since it is a Legendary, not Unique, we presume that it is better to invest in some Uniques rather than in the Legendaries… Assuming that somebody have the ability to create Uniques but low on coins, he is likely to save the coins for later and not spend another 50k-60k-70k on leveling up a Legendary that will potentially become a nonsense tomorrow.

            Yeah, Dracorex exists 😀 and previously, he’s been spawning around my workplace so that how I managed to collect 7000 of his DNA. But then he migrated to zone 2 and now almost impossible to find.

            Good luck 🙂

          • Dracorex (the rare one) is indeed useful now and you should definitely be catching them since you need to have her at level 20 for Utarinex 😉

            Dracorex Gen 2 is currently useless