This article was made possible thanks to HerroDair! Thank you very much for your help! In his analysis HerroDair goes much further into the actual real money value, but we will keep a bit more simple in this article.

The purpose of this article is to outline how valuable Indoraptor’s DNA can be. Many people are frustrated by the fact that they will only have a single attempt on the creature on Sunday, but little do they know that this single attempt is actually worth a lot! The question leading this article is: Is it really worth to have and use a single attempt at collecting DNA on Indoraptor?

Thanks to Orange Heart for the above statistics on both Indominus Rex and Indoraptor.

First of all, one should know, if you were not around in June when Indoraptor made his first appearance in the wild, that as soon as you have collected approximately 15 DNA, Indoraptor begins running like the wind and becomes barely targetable! So make that first dart count!

Let’s move to HerroDair’s analysis.

Let’s begin by doing the math comparing time vs cost to get an Indoraptor at an acceptable pace. Let’s say you play 2 hours a day and on average you find 2 T-Rex and 10 Velociraptors during those two hours (which is fairly generous). Let’s also assume that you get 80 DNA per darting sequence at T-Rex and 180 for Velociraptor. Now, let’s highlight the Dinosaurs’ requirements for Indoraptor.

  • A level 20 Velociraptor costs 34,250 DNA and 138,190 Coins.

  • A level 15 T-Rex costs 700 DNA and 20,000 Coins.

  • A level 20 Indominus Rex costs 700 DNA and 105,000 Coins.

To get only Velociraptor and T-Rex to the required levels at the pace listed above, it would require 190 Velociraptors and 9 T-Rex. It would also cost 158k coins. Remember, you are capped at 13,600 coins per day (not taking into account Strike Events, Special Event Supply Drops’ caps). If you maxed your coins every, day it would take 12 days to get enough coins. But that is only for coins, because it would actually take 19 days to get 190 Raptors, and 8 days for T-Rex. Therefore, it would require 19 days in total to get your guys up a level for Indominus Rex. Let’s continue.

One needs 500 Velociraptor DNA and 50 T-Rex per DNA fusion for an Indominus Rex. Remember, you are getting 1,900 Velociraptor DNA and 160 T-Rex DNA per day. Your average fusion of DNA with RNG for Indominus Rex let’s you average 30 DNA per fusion (that’s definitely above average). Therefore, you need 23 fusions which is 11,500 Velociraptor DNA and 1,150 T-Rex DNA which would take more or less 7 days (based on the pace set out earlier).

Now let’s move on to the start of the show: Indoraptor.

  • A level 21 Indoraptor is 250 DNA.

  • A fusion for Indoraptor costs 2,000 Velociraptor DNA and 50 Indominus Rex DNA.

  • A fusion for Indominus Rex costs 500 Velociraptor DNA and 50 T-Rex DNA.

Let’s jump over all the calculations and remember the average pace set out earlier in the article. On average, we are looking at 33 Velociraptors (6,000 DNA) and 3 T-Rex (250 DNA) encounters for a single fusion of Indoraptor DNA. If you get lucky, which is unlikely, and reach 250 DNA in 8 fusions, we’re talking of a total of 264 Velociraptors and 24 T-Rex encounters. All together, it would take an additional 26 days.

In terms of coins, it amounts to a total of 265,000 coins (more or less).

Now of course, these numbers are averages and you can get lucky or unlucky. These calculations are primarily assumptions based on a set hunting pace. It’s very hard, and nearly impossible to properly quantify this. Of course, some in-game options allow you to collect things faster (VIP, Incubators, Scent Capsules, etc.), but we know that for some players, remaining free to play is a necessity.

In total, Indoraptor would require (once again, based on the hunting pace set earlier) the followings:

  • Around 95,000 Velociraptor DNA;
  • Around 4,000 T-Rex DNA;
  • Around 500 Indominus Rex DNA.

This translates into:

  • 593 Velociraptor for 160 DNA per darting sequence;
  • 527 Velociraptor for 180 DNA per darting sequence;
  • 475 Velociraptor for 200 DNA per darting sequence;
  • 431 Velociraptor for 220 DNA per darting sequence;
  • 67 T-Rex for 60 DNA per darting sequence;
  • 50 T-Rex for 80 DNA per darting sequence;
  • 40 T-Rex for 100 DNA per darting sequence;

Now, let’s go back to the question leading this article:
Is it really worth to have/use a single attempt at collecting DNA on Indoraptor?

Simply to show how valuable the potential 20 DNA you could get from your Indoraptor encounter actually are! Regardless of the amount of DNA you will get on Sunday from Indoraptor, every single drop of DNA you collect will help you reach Indoraptor faster! So make every dart count!

BoonSlevin, be concrete and make sense for once in your miserable life!
What will 20 Indoraptor DNA really save us?

To make it even clearer, collecting simply 20 DNA from Indoraptor on Sunday means saving up about 1/13 of the time and resources required to create Indoraptor. More specifically, if our math works out properly, it means saving up on the followings:

  • Over 7,000 Velociraptor DNA;
  • Over 300 T-Rex DNA;
  • Between 35-40 Indominus Rex DNA!

Isn’t it insane?!

Oh, and don’t forget about Indominus Rex on Saturday! This creature’s DNA collection will incredibly be useful towards your Indoraptor!

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  1. This article sheds a light on how hard it is to make unique dinos, and that’s great !

    Now if anyone can do the DNA calculations for the players in the top of the leaderboard, it will become clear that they have most certainly spoofed in the first months after the game was released, and that their claims of being legit players are false.

    And the second point, pay-to-win players are not that far off from cheaters, because they did not in any way walk around all day collecting those massive amounts of DNA.
    Yes, top P2W players spent thousands of dollars, but benefited from (the greed of) Ludia not limiting in any way how many incubators you can buy.

  2. I did not agree with these numbers, I did my own maths for this and with an average of 50 DNA T rex + 500 DNA Velociraptor gives you 20 DNA of indominus, so you would need 125 DNA T-rex and + 1250 Velociraptor + 2000 DNA velociraptor again for average 20 DNA Indoraptor, And for an indominus level 20 you put you need 700 DNA when in fact you need 900 DNA and for T-rex level 20 you put you need 700 when in fact you need 850.
    So with this average you need almost 100k (97375) DNA of velociraptor, and 4k (3813) DNA of T-rex for the amazing INDORAPTOR. Sorry for my bad english xD.

  3. “Let’s say you play 2 hours a day and on average you find 2 T-Rex and 10 Velociraptors during those two hours (which is fairly generous)”
    Who the hell finds 2 T-Rex every 2 hour?. I do play for about 2 hours every day, and im lucky if i see 1 T-Rex every week

    • I probably see T-Rex more often, let’s say, if I play multiple hours in a row then at some lucky occasion I might see 2 T-Rex during that time… but usually, I see T-Rex about once in 2-3 days, while actively playing for 1,5-2 hours every day and also passively observing the surroundings every 15-30 minutes while at home or at work (that’s when I spot epics most of the time).

  4. Isn’t it insane?!”

    It is, because it’s completely wrong. If you manage to collect 249 Indo DNA from events, leveling rex to 15, velo and indom to 20 doesn’t become 250 times easier. You still need to use all that DNA and coins on it.

    20 Indoraptor DNA saves you exactly what it takes to fuse 20 Indoraptor DNA: 50 Indom + 2000 velo, which translates to ~125 Rex and 3250 Velo.

  5. I feel you should also have added the numbers for the base fuse of 10 dna just cuz im sure more than a few people (myself included) are hitting constant 10s. While I’m not complaining, lady luck is getting the finger from me. you can keep the average, but also know that 10 over 30 is 3x even longer, 3x more raptors rex and indominus you had to get. My indoraptor is currently 126/250, and I’m hoping for a good number tomorrow, I remember the last one I only gathered 26 (hence my un-zero number lol) but I’m still looking at a while bit longer if luck keeps shafting me with 10s. Good article tho.

  6. Yeah, this article made my laugh at the 1T-rex per hour 😀
    Maybe 1 per week… if I’m lucky and I play pretty much daily.

    But otherwise nice maths and it truly does show how important the one attempt is 🙂