Explorers, this Epic Strike Event features Scary Dinosaurs part of the Halloween Extravaganza! This is one of the most terrifying Strike as it brings a lot of variety compared to what one may be used to, all of this into a single step battle! Make sure that you go through this guide to avoid any unfortunate surprises, but make sure to complete it as you are getting an EPIC INCUBATOR at the final stage! On top of it, the pool of potential Dinosaurs from these Incubators is really small, so the odds of getting good DNA are really high! Without further ado, here is your guide for the seven step Rare Strike Event: Terror Strike.

Enemy List

Step 1: Gorgosuchus (24) + Indominus Rex (25) + Indoraptor (26)


Now, there are two ways to look at this strike. You can build a team of counters to a specific dino, understanding that some of those counters will invariably be terrible plans if you pick the wrong one first. For instance, where Stegodeus or Tragodistis or even Alankylosaurus make for near-perfect counters for Indominus Rex, they make for terrible counters to Indoraptor and Gorgosuchus. Similarly, Spinosaurus Gen 2, Suchotator, and Spinotahsuchus are fantastic options against Indoraptor with that damage over time, but they’ll be destroyed by Indominus Rex.

Depending on how aggressive the programmers at Ludia decide to be (and something tells me this being a Halloween event means they’ll be super aggressive), I think the best bet is looking at this team as a whole rather than as focusing on countering one for one. Think of it more like setting up your strongest team that consists of the following tools to give you the best possible chance at victory. I’ve placed these tools in order of what I think is most important to beat this event. Ideally, every dinosaur you pick will meet two, or even three of these roles.

Ideal Toolkit

Something that hits hard: You’ll want something that does a lot of damage. The only way you can really beat Indominus Rex is by hitting it hard and fast. Whatever dinosaurs you’ve invested in on your squad, be sure to include one or two that hit really really hard, ideally really really fast. You may not get more than a move or two. Hard hitters are your best bet against both Indominus Rex and Gorgosuchus. At the end of the day, you need to hit hard to win this fight. Assuming Indominus Rex doesn’t immediately cloak, you gotta hit it hard at least twice to put it down. There’s just too much health you need to burn through to do this strike at lower levels without throwing out some heavy hitters.

Think: Velociraptor, Tanycolagreus, T-Rex (Gen 1 or 2), Gorgosuchus, Einiasuchus, Tryostronix, even Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus if leveled a bit, and whatever else you have that is highest in level, etc.

Something that nullifies: Both Indominus Rex and Indoraptor have cloaking moves. These are incredibly annoying and can really only be countered by a nullifying move or by cloaking yourself and hoping for some good luck. Ludia hasn’t been shy about using cloaking moves in their bots in other strikes. Nullifying Indominus Rex means you’ve saved yourself 2x the damage output. Nullifying Indoraptor just makes it possible to kill it without missing twelve times.

Think: Tanycolagreus, Monostegotops, Ankyntrosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Monomimus, Koolasuchus, Proceratosaurus.

Something with high health/shielding: While shielding is really only going to help you against Indominus Rex (as it doesn’t break defenses like Gorgosuchus and Indoraptor), you still may need that shield to survive and counter Indominus Rex. And having something that can take two or three hits is going to be very important to surviving this strike. Remember, these dinosaurs can really pack a punch. Look at the best two-turn damage moves they could be programmed to use and find dinosaurs with more health than that and a shield if you can:

Dino Turn 1 Move T1 Dmg Turn 2 Move T2 Dmg Total
Gorgosuchus Ferocious Strike 1891.5 Def. Shatter Rampage 3783 5674.5
Indominus Rex Cloak 0 Armor Pierc. Rampage 4568 4568
Indoraptor Cleans. Impact 2100 Def. Shatter Rampage 2800 4900


A little armor will help you against Cleansing Impact (Indoraptor) and Ferocious Strike (Gorgosuchus) so that’ll at least help for the first turn. But good luck on turn two, friends.

Think: Stegodeus, Nodopatosaurus, Giraffatitan, Brachiosaurus, Rajasaurus, Ankylosaurus, Alankylosaurus, Gigaspikasaurus, Alanqa.

Something that slows: Gorgosuchus’ 120 speed isn’t exactly worldbreaking, but as we saw in the above table, killing it before it gets a turn two move is ideal. Indoraptor, on the other hand, really does need to be slowed to be killed. Hopefully indoraptor cloaks on turn one so that you can get two shots in a row with a slowing move plus something else. In either case, having slowing moves is going to be essential. Just remember, both Gorgosuchus and Indoraptor can cleanse a slowing move.

Think: Stegosaurus, Stegodeus, Kentrosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Stegoceratops, Ankyntrosaurus, Koolasuchus, Proceratosaurus, Giraffatitan, etc.

Something with damage over time: The best way to beat a cloak or a high-damage dino sometimes is to just lay on a damage over time move and wait it out. Using something like Lethal Wound on Indoraptor after it’s already burned it’s Cleansing Impact, or on Gorgosuchus after it’s used Adrenaline Surge, is a great way to ensure it’ll eventually die.

Think: Suchotator, Spinosaurus, Spinotahsuchus, Suchomimus, Spinosaurus Gen 2.

Something that reduces damage output: Especially at lower levels, reducing the damage output of Gorgosuchus and Indoraptor’s Defense Shattering Rampage may be your only hope of survival. Having something on your squad that can meet this need might truly be the difference between winning and losing.

Think: Monolophosaurus, Koolasuchus, Diplotator, Suchotator, Kentrosaurus, Ornithomimus, Ankyntrosaurus.

When all else fails, something that dodges: If you’re so outmatched on this one that your only hope is 12 consecutive dodges, it’s time to grab something evasive and just give it a go to see what happens. I wouldn’t recommend this strategy, but dodging might be the only way some people will have a prayer at this one, so it’s worth including.

Think: Monomimus, Indoraptor, Indominus Rex, or more likely Ornithomimus and Gallimimus.

For more specific counters and strategies, check out our individual Counter Guides below!

Indoraptor Counter Guide
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Potential DNA in Incubators

EpicTyrannosaurus RexGorgosuchus
Legendary (very very small odds)Indominus Rex

In Conclusion

This is definitely one of the most difficult strike events that we have had so far, and it is quite a challenge considering the variety of Dinosaurs that it brings into the battle!

As always, share any other strategies that worked for you in the comments below and let us know if you’d like more guides on any particular subject that is challenging you in Jurassic World Alive!

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  1. Defeated. Although almost managed to finish it and only needed something to finish the last 200 HP of Gorgosuchus. But I didn’t have that something. Average level of my team was 21.
    Following last two epic strike events, I don’t feel a high level player anymore 😀
    It looks like from now on, epic strike events are mostly addressed to PtW players or to those who is playing hard since the game was released. I’m playing hard enough since mid May but I am an FtP player and it is obvious that I just don’t yet have the team which is now required for such strike events. That is sad.

    • Yep, not a chance.
      I tried, but even if my tactics is good, even if I managed to have the “good” pick against their dinos?
      Always getting crit (at least this event got two dinos with 20% crit. Getting 3 crits from

      Alankylosaurus in a row was just ridiculous)

      Well, there goes all my in-game Cash I managed to gather since I started to play ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I did it on the first try (lol). My team: Indoraptor 24 (that killed the other one), Monomimus 21 (easy kill Gorgosuchus) and Tragodis 21 (easy kill Indominus).
    Very lucky in the first battle, my Indoraptor escaped 2 times form enemy attack (Evasive Stance active).

  3. This thing is damn near impossible to do. It took me 5 tries and a ton of luck the 5th time to beat it with Monomimus (20), Tany (19), Indominus (20) and Pyrritator (17). My Stegodeus (23) kept on getting slaughtered for being too slow, and the dodges on that indo and Indom are enough to throw the most tranquil Buddhist monks into fits of rage and frustration.

    Good luck, you’re gonna need it!

  4. Took me 2 trys. Still got lucky though.
    L17 spinotasuchus was able to hit indo with wound and swoop. Then L18 monomimus cleaned up and got a hit on gorgo before not dodging at all. L24 Stegodeus battled hard and got beat by 2 crits. Feeling like no chance, my L22 Tragodistis was able to get past Gorgo and with lucky hits and shielding action, I was able to get past i-rex. Definitely worth the DNA afterword

  5. Took me 3 attempts, but I skated through with:
    16 monomimis
    17 tany
    19 velociraptor
    19 trago

    Indoraptor came out first every time, he wouldn’t use cloak because I used monomimus. I used evasive strike and dodged 2/3 hits. Smacked indo with all hits, monomimus taken out once evasive strike ended. Brought in Tany, finished Indo off with strike.

    Indominus Rex came in next, I used strike and saved nullifying. Next turn Indominus used cloak, I used nullify and kicked his butt. This meant he wasted a move and I got 1 extra to smack his butt. He took out tany next move, but was under 900 health, so I brought in velo and finished him off.

    Gorgo came in, I used pounce. Gorgo used ferocious strike, brought me down to 100 hp. I swapped in my trago (luckily gorgo used cleanse instead of shattering rampage) and I used rampage to finish off gorgo and win by the skin of my teeth x.x

      • A ton of Trex + Spinosaur +Tany DNA that I much needed.
        I rarely spend money on this game, it is only for Epic event retries + coins.
        I play this game for fun (and mostly for free), so if I spent $4 to figure out a puzzle, and beat it, that’s definitely worth the price of a Starbucks drink for me 🙂

        • Well, now I’m definitely glad I didn’t spend cash on retrying the battle 🙂
          Spino, Tany and even T-Rex are just everywhere, I see them every day and got really tired of them. I’m still collecting Velociraptor and T-Rex for future use but completely gave up on the other ones…