Dino Tamers, luckily for you, the MetaHub team is fluent in French, so we managed to snag an interview in French between RDS (Réseau des Sports, i.e. Sports Network) and Vincent Noiret (producer of Jurassic World Alive). Let’s just say that fans of the game (and those anxiously awaiting its release) can expect some exciting content to be introduced with the release of the movie Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! For the entire French interview, click here!

By the way, we suggest that you read the article all the way through, since we have some exciting news near the end! 😉

How the game came to life!

Most of the interview evolves around how Ludia came to create Jurassic World Alive (JWA). Back in 2010, Vincent claims that no one was interested in the rights to Jurassic Park, so their CEO, Alex Thabet, took a leap of faith and bought them for what they considered very interesting price.

From there, they created Jurassic Park Builder followed by Jurassic World The Game (JWTG) which really took off. For example, JWTG was released three years ago, and it is still going very strong!

Through communications with Pokémon GO players, Ludia learned people’s likes and dislikes about the game and JWA was born from there with an important focus on the Battle system. We must admit it, this feature is very exciting!

In the interview, Vincent admitted that the game was created for people to be able to play strictly from if they wished to, but that going out in the real world would certainly benefit the players.

The Exciting Items

As the interview progressed, the better the content! Ludia is planning on introducing 30 new Dinosaurs, on top of the current 70 available in the game, with the release of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, plus the star of the movie, Indoraptor!

In addition, Ludia is also planning some special events with special content and some exciting bonuses! Needless to say, Ludia knows how to build up a hype!

Finally, before finishing the interview, Vincent confirmed that Ludia had content planned for the next five years! If you were on the fence because you were worried that Ludia would drop the ball once the movie is released, well worry not. Considering how well JWTG is still doing after three years and how Ludia has content planned for the next five years; we can certainly look forward to some exciting gaming experiences for the coming years!

Parting Words

We know, you were hoping to know when the game gets released. Sadly, Vincent doesn’t elaborate on the matter during the interview. However, at some point the journalist leading the interview writes: “A few days before the global launch…” Did the journalist get some exclusive information?! We can’t tell. All we knew was that the game would be launched before the movie release, but this changes everything! Stay tuned!

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