Monomimus is a pesky, annoying dino to play against. It’s got a perfect moveset (more on that later) and seems to dodge so much. So how do you counter that?

Let’s start by looking at this amazing move kit!


Distracting Impact Deal 1.5x damage. Target’s damage is reduced 50% for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 2 turn

Evasive Stance Act First. Gain 50% chance to Dodge direct damage for 3 turns

Cooldown: 3 turn

Nullifying Impact Remove Positive Effects. Deal 1.5 damage.

Cooldown: 2 turn

Nullifying Strike Remove Positive Effects. Deal 1x damage.

Passive effects

Immunity All negative effects are deflected.

Thanks to OrangeHeart, the incredible artist partnering up with us, we now even have our very own infographic! This way, people who prefer a visual guide will be served!

So, there’s a lot to unpack here. First up, Immunity, making it unable to be slowed, distracted, or bled. This passive effect is just a tiny part of what makes Monomimus so strong. Evasive Stance is the exact same move as Indoraptor has, giving monomimus 3 turns of a 50% dodge. Distracting Impact is a 1.5x damage move that also reduces opponent damage by 50% for two turns. Finally, Monomimus has two nullifying attacks: Nullifying Impact and Nullifying Strike.

Upper Tier Counters

In its current state, Monomimus isn’t an easily countered dino. Anything you throw at it is potentially going to take large amounts of damage. A couple of legendary dinos that can take out Monomimus the easiest are Monostegotops and Ankytrosaurus. Due to both of these dinos having nullifying moves, it forces Monomimus to be unable to dodge, giving you guaranteed damage (even though you’ll be distracted for 2 turns).

The best way to use Monostegotops against Monomimus is to assume that it isn’t going to dodge. Start with slowing impact, then move into nullifying impact and into a cycle until Monomimus finally goes down.

The best way to use Ankytrosaurus against Monomimus is to keep spamming damage at it with the counter and nullifying strike while saving your thagomizer for when you are not distracted and can hit for a full 1.5x damage.

The best upper tier counter to Monomimus is truly another Monomimus but at a higher level. A higher level Monomimus will 2 shot no matter what. If it comes down to a mirror match in the same level, you better hope your fingers are faster than your opponents on turn 2, or you could suffer a quick defeat.

Lower Tier Counters

I’m truly sorry to tell you that not much else beats Monomimus in a 1v1 fight. Your best hope, if you don’t have any of the dinos mentioned above, is to get as much damage onto it as you can, and bring in Tanycolagreus to clean it up with nullifying impact.

Why not include Tanycolagreus among the ideal counters then?!

Simply because it cannot defeat Monomimus on its own in any way. It requires Monomimus to have already taken a few hits in order to make the final blow! Tanycolagreus requires another dino to take/do damage beforehand.

Some good dinos to get damage on Monomimus: Brachiosaurus, Nodopatosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Stegosaurus, Amargocephalosaurus, Giraffatitan, Ornithomimus, and Apatosaurus. These dinos might not even damage Monomimus very much, but if you can get it worked down, it can make it much more manageable to deal with.

In short: Do’s and Don’t’s

Don’t bother trying to slow down or reduce damage against Monomimus. Focus on trying to restrict its ability to use Evasive Stance, and deal as much damage to it as possible if you have no other options.

Now go get rid of those pesky Monomimus!

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