Explorers! Week two of the Halloween events is in the books (or mostly in the books). We’ve got two big upcoming strike events with Indominus Rex tomorrow and Indoraptor on Sunday, but things have been pretty stellar in the world of Jurassic World Alive.

Upcoming Strike Events

Be sure to check out our guides on strike events. We’ve got a big one coming up tomorrow:

Saturday November 3 – 10:00 a.m. EDT to Sunday November 4 – 9:00 a.m. EDT
Epic Single Step Level 30 Rajakylosaurus [Guide/Walkthrough here]

Saturday November 3 – 10:00 a.m. EDT to Monday November 5 – 9:00 a.m. EDT
Five Step Rare Strike Event – Immune Creatures [Guide/Walkthrough here]

Sunday November 4 – 10:00 a.m. EDT to Monday November 5 – 9:00 a.m. EDT
Three Step Epic Strike Event – Cunning Creatures [Guide/Walkthrough here]

And there’s another Epic incubator reward for a strike event on Sunday as well. Earlier this week, we also got one of the hardest strike events to date earlier in the week with three massively powerful dinosaurs. Even if you missed it, you should check out that guide as well by clicking here.

Halloween Event Roundup

The Halloween event started a bit slow with the flying pterosaurs and the crocodile strikes, but this week ended up being pretty darn exciting. For one, we’ve only seen a unique in a strike event once before, quite some time ago, and so seeing Indoraptor again is pretty great. The last time we saw Indoraptor, most players were not at a place in their progression to be even close to unlocking that dino, so this time around I’m sure it’ll put a few people over the top.

If you’re wondering whether a single attempt at Indoraptor is worth it, be sure to check out this analysis we did of that exact question.

It would’ve been nice to see changes in spawn behavior over the Halloween event, so there’s still certainly room for growth in future events, but overall it was a pretty satisfying two weeks.

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten the chance to pick up the Scent of Fear deal in the store, I’d recommend picking up a scent or two. In our opinion, it’s great bang for the buck. Getting a ton of Velociraptor DNA and Tanycolagreus DNA is going to help a lot of people in their progression!

Deals in the Store

Aside from the Scent of Fear deals, we’ve got two new incubators up in the store.

First we’ve got this wild Brachiosaurus incubator for $49.99 USD. It comes with 500 guaranteed Brachiosaurus DNA and some coins, some more Epic DNA by level and some Rare DNA by level.

It’s right in line with other incubators with guaranteed DNA in them that we’ve seen.

Our opinion is usually that these incubators are not really worth the money, but I suppose if you haven’t unlocked Brachiosaurus and wanted to really badly, this is an easy way to do that.

Second, we’ve got the premium Scary Creatures incubator. This should include the same scary creatures we’ve seen all week, just in larger quantities. Really it’s just a more focused version of the Premium Incubator offered to VIP on a regular basis. It’s double the size of the Epic incubator and, even with the more focused DNA, is really only worth it if you’ve got hard cash to burn and nothing to use it on.

We always feel it’s best to go out there and hunt because we see better results that way, but for those with less time and more money, incubators like this one can be helpful.

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Big Wave of Counter Guides Coming!

You read correctly! We heard you loud and clear! Many Dinosaurs still needed to be covered and we are going to circulate new Counter Guides in the coming weeks! If you have specific Dinosaurs that you would like us to cover, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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