Explorers! You may recall that there had been a “leak” of some sort of an unidentified upcoming event that ended up being a pre-announcement of the Halloween Event (more details here). Well, it appears that the same person has once again posted something similar on the Ludia Forums. And since the Ludia Forums is not the most popular platform, we have to bring this to your attention.

Mysterious Ambassador Post

A few moments ago, a Community Ambassador on the Ludia Fourms, DarthOnaga posted the mysterious following post:

“DPG Agents,

The Ambassadors have just intercepted a message that we need help deciphering. The subject of the message is scrambled. The only portion of the message we can share is below.

Subject: A%!”a*ce^

“Create or join. The decision is up to you, Agent. Either way, you will be a part of something greater than just yourself.”

We feel that the message above ties directly into the subject of the message, which could reveal the meaning behind it.

Report back with your speculations below!

Thank you,

Once again, our team immediately got to work to decipher this code and we believe we were successful once more!


Could this be the first hint towards the next update of the game? It would certainly make sense as we are due for one and we have often mentioned that there were traces of guilds in the APK. More details on that here and here!

Parting Words

Do you think we are on point with this deciphering? Do you think this is what they’re implying, that an update is soon to roll out and that it may feature guilds? Could it be something else? We sure hope we are correct as guilds would bring the Jurassic World Alive community even more together!

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