Explorers! If there’s one thing we love about being at the realm of Metahub.info, it’s how most of you use your creativity and talents to bring us wonderful creations that can benefit the entire Jurassic World Alive community! Whether it’s a written piece, a guide, artwork, formulas, etc., we just never grow tired of hearing from you!

Today, we bring you something that is growing in popularity insanely fast on our Discord server, despite the fact that it was not even promoted in any shape of form yet: Profile Images!

Daikoro, a dedicated member of our Discord recently reached out to me with some very nice artworks that are becoming very popular on our server! And we are thrilled to share these with the entire community today! Here are a few samples of what he did!

Simple, you say? Yes, but they fit perfectly almost any Social Media’s Profile Picture standards!

There aren’t only five of those, but around 50 and you can access them all right here in this Google Drive!

Daikoro says that he will update the folder regularly, so make sure to check it out frequently!

Like we said earlier, we genuinely love submissions like these, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have anything worth sharing with the community!

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