Explorers! Alliances are live in Jurassic World Alive and many of you are incredibly excited about it, and you should be! In this guide, we’ll go over the various features included in Alliances and everything you need to know about them!

What are Alliances?

Alliances are basically what you suspect that they are: a space where you and your friends/peers that like Jurassic World Alive as much as you do (or close) can chat, and trade DNA for coins!

1. Interact with your friends

The first element that Alliances allow to do, is in-game chat! Although most of you already had something that allowed you to chat with your friends (Discord, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.), this addition allows for an easy and quick interaction with other online friends from your Alliance!

Important note 1: Alliances currently have a cap of 50 people!

Important note 2: There is still more to discover about Alliances!

2. Trade

The most interesting aspect of Alliances at the moment: being able to trade DNA with your peers! Here are a few the guidelines:

  • Only Common and Rare Dinosaurs’ DNA can be traded;
  • DNA is traded for coins using the following ratio:
    • Common DNA -> 1 DNA:1 Coin
    • Rare DNA -> 1 DNA: 3 Coins
  • DNA trading is currently restricted to an amount of coins which is based on your player level (i.e. your actual Coin cap collection for a day);
  • You can request DNA every three hours;
  • You do not have to collect the DNA you requested (or so it seems);
  • If your request is completed before the deadline, you can collect it right away (delay to request again after remains however);
  • You are allowed two requests per day. Delay between requests work as follows:
    • 3 hours after first request, then wait until the next day to start over.
  • There is a limit to the amount of DNA one can give to a specific request working as follows:
    • 5 donations maximum per request;
    • Common = [Requesting player level x 100]
    • Rare = [Requesting player level x 25]

Important note: Ratios currently seem to be associated to a level, but we cannot find any information at the time being on the matter. More to come!

How does it work?

In your Alliance, you can place a request. Each request will send a notification to other members of your Alliances informing them that a request is opened. For the next three hours, your peers can send you DNA according to the ratio mentioned above. Requests will appear in the chat (which makes things a bit clustered, so we’re hoping that they are divided eventually). After the three hours, you can cash in your DNA received, and only at this time will your Coins be withdrawn and distributed to the people who shared DNA.

3. More to come?!

It is most likely safe to assume that Ludia is withholding some more features that will be incorporated to Alliances. Battle, Leagues, Stores, etc. We’re speculating here by the way. For now, trading and chatting is all we get, but stay hopeful Explorers!

How can I join/create an Alliance?

There are various ways to join an Alliance. We’ll go over them below.

1. Search for one

Know the name of a guild you’d like to join? Simply search for it and send a request? Leaders from this Alliance will have 3 days to accept or reject your request.

Important note 1: Requests queue is max capacity at 25! Therefore, if you send a request and the queue is full, the Leaders won’t be able to see it until he/she clears his/her queue.

Important note 2: Once in an Alliance, anyone from the said Alliance can invite people over without having them be approved by the Leaders. So Leaders, make sure you know who you’re adding!

Are you still having a hard time figuring out where to go? What to do? Join our Discord! We have 5,000 active users ready to join you in your quests and a dedicated channel for people to discuss Alliances!

2. Create one

If you haven’t joined an Alliance, you will be able to create one! You’ll have to set it up with a name, location, description and custom crest!

3. Can’t figure out which one to join? Metahub can help!

Make sure to join our Discord! We have a dedicated channel specifically for Alliances and we have thousands of active members!

Parting Words

We hope you’re excited about this feature! We certainly are (but we’re always excited, we know)! We’re hopeful that more will be incorporated to Alliances, and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop!

Know that yes, there is a Metahub Alliance. For now, it is restricted to staff and +1 (wife, husband, brother, sister, etc.). We have some room left and we will find the best and fairest way to allocate these spots! Stay tuned!

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