Explorers! With 1.5, we went on a massive datamine spree and found quite a few interesting items in the code. Without further ado, let’s find out what Ludia has hidden in the APK for us!

Disclaimer: It is important to highlight that anything that we have found in the APK DOES NOT mean that it’ll eventually be part of the game. We could also be interpreting some of these things wrong, so please, read and comprehend carefully.

If you do not like potential (because all of this could never see the light of day, be misinterpreted by us or even simply be there to mess with us!) spoilers, then we suggest that you refrain from going any further!













Still with us? Then let’s go!

Epic DNA Trading

So first of all, let’s talk about something related to trading and Alliances. We found that in the code there are values for trading/contributing Epic DNA, the value per level are as follows:

Level 1-2: 25 Epic DNA
Level 3-5: 50 Epic DNA
Level 6-7: 75 Epic DNA
Level 8-10: 100 Epic DNA
Level 11-12: 125 Epic DNA
Level 13-15: 150 Epic DNA
Level 16-17: 175 Epic DNA
Level 18-20: 200 Epic DNA

Will we ever get the ability to trade Epic DNA? If we rely on what we found, it’s possible, but again, if it is ever implemented in the game, we have no idea when that would be. Potentially far down the road as the feature was literally just introduced.

New Hybrids

There are serveral New Hybrids in the code but we cannot decipher what they are with accuracy as Ludia (tricky them!) has coded them too wisely! We only have very rough speculations/guesses of their names and recipes.

  • Edmontoguana: Edmontosaurus + Iguanadon
  • Darwezopt= Darwinopterus + Hatzegopteryx 
  • Stigydarex= Stigymoloch Gen 1/Gen 2 + Hatzegopteryx/Dsungaripterus
  • Proceratm= Proceratosaurus + ???

New Dinosaur

So far only one new Dino has been discovered, and it would be the Maiasaura, a large herbivorous hadrosaurid (thank you Google!).

New Boss Strike Events

When we say “Boss” Strike Events, we refer to the Single Step Epic Level 30 Strike Events that gives players a free Epic Incubator. We’ve found a few new ones that could be coming to the game! Let’s hope so as they would prove to be very interesting challenges!

  1. Level 30 Monolometrodon
  2. Level 30 Diloranosaurus + Diloracheirus (Should this one end up happening, may god have mercy on our soul!)
  3. Level 30 Charlie

New Featured Dinosaurs

There appears to be a few new groups of Featured Dinosaurs in the code. Will we ever see them happen? Time will tell, but they sure are interesting! Stunning and Hybrid Legacy. The Dinosaurs are as follows:


Common: Einiosaurus, Iguanadon, Triceratops Gen 2
Rare: Tenontosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Triceratops, Einiasuchus
Epic: Ouranosaurus, Stegoceratops, Stigymoloch

Hybrid Legacy:

Common: Velociraptor, Nundasuchus, Apatosaurus
Rare: Nodosaurus, Amargasaurus, Utahraptor, Kaprosuchus
Epic: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Ankylosaurus, Sinoceratops

Event Dinosaur Spawns

Related to the Featured Dinos, we also found in a certain column about spawn rates that there are separate spawns data from our regular spawn rates. This column of spawn rates includes Event Dinos Spawning in the world. We don’t know what this means yet as it does not appear to be currently active. Our speculation? It could be an event, maybe for Christmas where the Christmas Dinosaurs have a certain spawn rate which cuts into the Global Spawn rate, or then again, it could be nothing at all!

New Scents

Like the Raptor and Halloween Scent, we could be getting New Scents. The list found is as follows:

Rare Apex Predator Scent
Common: Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus
Rare: Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2, Gorgosaurus
Epic: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Rare Chargers Scent
Common: Triceratops Gen 2, Einiosaurus, Dracorex Gen 2
Rare: Triceratops, Dracorex
Epic: Sinoceratops

Rare Steosauridae Scent
Common: Stegosaurus, Miragaia
Rare: Tuojiangosaurus, Wuerhosaurus

Special Scent Rates

Scent Common 88.44
Scent Rares 10.55
Scent Epics 1.01

Christmas Event!

As many of us speculated, there should be a Christmas Event based on the Cute Dino poll and we think we may have found the full list!

Common: Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus
Rare: Charlie, Delta, Dracorex
Epic: Brachiosaurus, Blue, Sinoceratops

Aside from that, we speculate that there could also be Rare Christmas Scents as well as Christmas Strikes. Although not confirmed, we expect them to be a featured week (or two or three?) with the Christmas Dinosaurs.

One more thing that is in this Datamine are Presents. We don’t know how these Presents could work or exactly what they could be, but we speculate that it could be something similar to Treasure Hunts. There appears to be three different coloured presents and the contents, if what we found is accurate, could be as follows:

Holiday Gifts

Blue present rewards
2,500 Coins
5,000 Coins
10,000 Coins
Rare Incubator
Epic Incubator
Premium Incubator

Green Present rewards
25 Hard Cash
100 Hard Cash
250 Hard Cash
Rare Incubator
Epic Incubator
Premium Incubator

Red Present rewards
Small Incubator
Medium Incubator
Rare Incubator
Epic Incubator
Premium Incubator

Of course, we could be reading this wrong, or it could be something completely different or never even appear in the game, but if it does, we’re incredibly excited about it! This would certainly be a great incentive for the community to get out there and hunt/collect!

Parting Words

It seems like Ludia has got a lot in store for us in the near future and it is exciting to speculate about what these things could all turn out to be! Remember that not all of these are guaranteed to come out in this form or even come out at all! For example, the Scolosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus were in the last datamine and did not get released in 1.5…

What do you think about all this? Are you excited about any of our discoveries?

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