Explorers! The last three weeks have been very fun, and Ludia decided to keep the party going for week 29 by bringing High Up Dinosaurs! One may argue that sauropods are not exciting, but we completely disagree! They are incredibly entertaining to use in Friendly Battles, we have to keep hope that they will eventually be usable in the Arena, i.e. be meta relevant! Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

If you’re on the fence about what to dart and what to leave behind, we’re here to help. Below is our guide on what we think is most important for you to focus on!

Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday (36 Attempts)

Thursday + Friday (24 Attempts)

Saturday + Sunday (9 Attempts)
Diplodocus (OMG!)

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, one could argue that a leave of absence during those days would be justified, and we’d have a hard time convincing you otherwise. However, while we all (or for the most part) still have over 50,000 DNA stacked for Allosaurus, some of us are running very low on Apatosaurus and Parasaurolophus. These last two would be the ones we recommending focusing on, with a bigger focus on Parasaurolophus. That being said, for the Commons, one should always focus on the Dinosaur(s) you see the less in your local/area that you play the most frequently.

For the Rares we have 4 Dinos to choose from… Every single one of them could be argued to be worth focusing on. True, Edmontosaurus and Argentinosaurus would only be a good decision if you want to plan ahead as these two currently do not have any Hybrids. If you prefer to live in the moment, then Amargasaurus and Giraffatitan are the way to go. Amargasaurus still has a decent Hybrid leading to Tragodistis (if played wisely), and Gigaspikasaur can also be a decent Dino to invest in even though tanks do not have the upper hand in the Arena. In short, we rarely advise to do so with the Rares, but you might want to focus on the Dinosaur(s) you see the less in your local/area (or those that you wish to power up).

For the Epics, the decision is one of the most difficult ever made (or at least according to the editor)! Ouranosaurus should be the way to go as it currently leads to one of the best Hybrids in the game: Diloracheirus. However, we all know how scarce and cool Brachiosaurus is, so it will be difficult not to use a few attempts on this beast. Finally, Diplodocus is finally available in the wild! It only makes sense to use as many attempts needed in order to at least create the beast, right?

With that being said, among the Epics, currently, only Ouranosaurus really has a meta potential, so if your goal is to perform in the Arena, then it’s best to focus your attempts on this creature.

Parting Words

This week, some of you may take it easier than the last few weeks, but we have a feeling that Ludia will keep you entertained throughout the week. The first week of the Christmas event certainly made sure to keep all of us active with Presents, cool Strike Events, and deals in the store; so it only makes sense to expect the same thing to continue next week!

What will you be going for? Let us know below!

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  1. I actually used all my Allosaurus due to Thor leveling. I am going all-in on it. Rares…I really don’t know. Probably Amarga because I stopped leveling Trag because of the lack of it (and I dart every single one ever since I started playing this game shortly after release). Epic is straight Ourano as I refuse to be tempted away from its hybrid. 3 more levels until I can start fusing the superhybrid.

  2. lmao, the epics are not a hard decision. You’re guaranteed to get Diplodocus in the tournament, and who wants Brachiosaurus besides people in lockdown? Nobody should even think twice about darting all Ouranosaurus.

  3. I think there is an error in the “rares”: why does he suddenly start talking about the Parasaurolophus and its hybrids?
    Also, why “Gigaspikasaur is not something to invest on at the moment”? Did you or did not include it in the Apex?

  4. It’s getting so hard to tell what’s important. It really depends where you are in the arena.
    I guess the thing to do is build all your Apex and Tyrants, then enter the arena.
    Gigaspikasaur isn’t worth building, huh? It’s only an Apex predator… gotcha. lol.

  5. Ouranosaurus is not extinct? It exists?!? Wow, that brings me back a few month since the last time I saw one 😀 That say it’s really easy decision for me to ignore the Epic sauropods here, but I understand the reasoning at least a little, even if I seriously doubt someone would want to pass this chance.

    But your rare reason truly needs to be edited, as the second part of the argument is talking about common Parasaurolophus instead, and you cannot make something into Apex dino and they say it’s not worth investing in 🙂
    That was just plain fail on your part.