Season’s Greetings Explorers! Ludia continues the holiday festivities with a new week of Featured Dinos and the addition of the Scent of Claws (and Scent of Claws bundle) to the store, which has previously only been available as a rare drop from the 6hr free incubator.

Scent of Claws

The Scent of Claws is now available in store on its own for 200 HC or as part of the Scent of Claws Bundle for 220 HC.

This scent guarantees you at least one rare creature, and is “synthesized to draw clawed creatures and a few herbivores towards you”, apparently thanks to it’s “gingerbread aroma”!

As detailed in our data mine, the pool of dinosaurs it can spawn and the likely rates of doing so are as follows:

Common: Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus (88.55%)
Rare: Charlie, Delta, Dracorex (10.55%)
Epic: Brachiosaurus, Blue, Sinoceratops (1.01%)

This means you can expect to often get 2 rares per scent if you are keeping moving to get the double-spawns*; and can expect to see an epic roughly once in every 5 scents. But remember, the vast majority of the spawns will be Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus!

*Clarification: Scents spawn a new dinosaur every 2 minutes. If you move enough during each 2 minute window, 2 dinosaurs will spawn.

Parting Words

So, are the scents worth it? While there are some valuable dinosaurs within the pool, they can each probably be farmed more efficiently through other existing scents, with the obvious exception of Blue. If, however, a specific epic is what is motivating you to purchase this, there is a very good chance you wouldn’t see a single one spawn in over 10 scents. If you want more of everything the scent possibly spawns though, why not! Treat yourself! Especially if you have some leftover cash from the Thanksgiving sales. If you don’t and wanted to buy anyway, maybe wait and see if any cash deals come to the store between now and Christmas, as the scents are available in store for the next 2 weeks.

Happy hunting explorers, and remember to grab your Red DNA present today!

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