Trykosaurus was a strong dino before the newest update came out a little while ago, but it received a slight move change and a speed increase that made it even stronger. Here’s what you need if you want to take it out.

What makes Tryko so scary

A fusion of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ankyntrosaurus, at level 26 Tryko comes equipped with very strong all around stats- 4500 health, 1600 damage, 30% armor, and a devastating 30% critical chance.

These stats, coupled with its moveset, covered below make Tryko terrifying to play against due to its versatility and pure damage output combined with high survivability.


Tryko features a couple normal Tyrannosaurus attacks, being Armor Piercing Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage. What really makes this dino a pain to deal with though is its 0.5x counter combined with Instant Distraction and Instant Invincibility. These moves allow Tryko to stall damage while continually doing significant damage with its counter.

Direct Counters

Trykosaurus still didn’t gain any cleansing moves, which leaves this dino wide open to be killed in 3 short moves by any dino with Lethal Wound, although Suchotator is a very surprising dino that can bleed into an instant distraction to survive the fight. Of course, other bleeders like Spinotasuchus, Dimodactylus, and Spinosaurus Gen 2 will kill Tryko but may have a tough time staying alive without swapping and eating a full 2x attack from Tryko.

A couple top tier dinos that can kill Tryko include Tryostronix, Tenontorex, and Thoradolosaur. Tryo can use Ready to Crush to avoid taking counter damage followed by a huge Defense Shattering Rampage. Tenontorex can do a mixture of Distracting while having Superiority Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage. Thor can win by a combo of Defense Shattering moves and Instant Charge.

Other Counters

Dinos that can distract and/or stun Tryko stand a good chance at either being able to kill Tryko or at least take off a good chunk of its health. Dinos like Diloracheirus, Dilorano, and Stegoceratops. Other dinos can deal significant damage if you can predict when the Tryko will use Instant Distraction. Dinos like Indoraptor and Thoradolosaur can discard any Tryko with a bit of luck and good predictions.

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Parting Words

Trykosaurus is a very strong dino in the current meta. However, if you can trade a Tryko kill with death to one of your weaker dinos such as a bleeder, you can put yourself into a good position to win the match.

As always, comment down below your thoughts on Trykosaurus, and let us know in our Discord what counter guides you would like to see next!