Tragodistis (Trago for short) is one of the best tanks in the game. It combines good stats (especially speed) with a good move pool to allow it to work to its full potential. While many dinos in the higher tiers can discard of Trago quickly, many others below struggle to take care of it.


Trago features the ever-present Superiority Strike, allowing it to face off with some of the fastest creatures in the game. It also has Rampage, a 2x damage move but doesn’t pierce armor or shields. Long invincibility allows Trago to be fully shielded for two turns. It also features a stunning strike, doing 1x damage with a 75% chance to stun. Trago also brings in a .25x damage counter attack coupled with Long Invincibility and 40% armor that will do more damage than it would seem due to surviving repetitive hits.

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While Trago has a good move set including stunning, it is very vulnerable to bleed damage, as most tanks are. Dinos like Spinotasuchus and Suchotator can deal out a Lethal Wound and survive a Superiority into Rampage, at even levels of course. Other lower tier dinos like Spinosaurus Gen 2 and Dimodactylus can even dish out a Lethal Wound and live long enough for it to take effect.

Even a small creature like Dimorphodon can attack with Gashing Wound, which will do 1x damage followed by 30% health taken off for two turns. This will leave the enemy Trago severely wounded able to be taken out by your next dino. If you get an enemy Trago to the point where you know they are going to use Rampage or Long Invincibility, you can swap in Dimorphodon with swap in wound followed by Gashing Wound, which together will kill Trago after a couple turns of bleed.

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Shield Crushers

Of course, there is always the option to crush Trago using dinos with Armor Piercing and Shield Shattering attacks. A top tier shield crusher like Trykosaurus and Magnapyritor easily take out Trago.

A somewhat surprising small group consisting of Secodontosaurus, Postimetrodon, and Monolometrodon can kill Trago. Monolometrodon relies on a bit of prediction using your distracting impact, but timed right you can win against Trago every time. Secodonto kills in two shots without a critical hit with a 1 level advantage, and with a critical hit will win (and 2 shot) against an enemy Trago with a 7 level advantage! Posti is a safer bet, killing with ferocious strike and defense shattering impact before Trago will take it out.

However, a lot of low tier shield breakers aren’t able to survive a combo of Rampage, Stun, Rampage from Trago. This makes matchups difficult for people using lower dinos. Immunes such as Dimetrodon and Dime Gen 2 are able to get a guaranteed 2 hits in, but they don’t dish out enough damage to be fatal to Trago. That’s why we recommend you to try to get some bleed damage in, and bring Trago down to the level where it will get 1 shot by the lower tier shield crushers like Allosaurus or the sneaky strategy right below this paragraph.

If you are sneaky enough and can time it right, combining Dracorex Gen 2 with bleeders or other shield crushers can allow you to swap in Dracorex, killing Trago with one swift Swap in Rampage. Be sure to triple check your math, as you don’t want to leave Trago alive with your fresh Dracorex in.

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Miscellaneous Dinos that can damage/kill Trago

Indoraptor can be good with a little bit of dodge luck, Stegodeus can work Trago down using short defense and rampage. Dinos like Megalosuchus and Rajakylosaurus will work down Trago using its own shield and counter-attacks but beware Long Invincibility and Stunning. Be sure to get your shield up as soon as you can to avoid taking 2x damage hits. Several sauropods such as Nodopatosaurus and Nodopatotitan have enough health and shields to survive plenty of hits to work Trago’s health down.

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Parting Words

Writers Note: Sorry, this guide has so much to it, but there is a reason for it. Trago is just so difficult to deal with at low tiers without a significant strategy.

Tragodistis is a very strong dino, especially when you try to fight it with lower tier dinos. However, having the right dinos can help you take care of any Trago you fight. Good luck out there!

As always, comment down below your thoughts on Tragodistis, and let us know in our Discord what counter guides you would like to see next!