Explorers! This week was a sort of a Prelude to the highly anticipated Christmas event, but multiple interesting things did happen, so it’s time for a quick news roundup!

Potential Move Changes

Late Thursday, after the game’s daily reset, some curious changes happened to a few Dinos and Moves. After testing, we found that the changes were in text only and did not actually affected combat. Despite this, this could be projections for future changes as we’ve seen before with the superiority strike nerf and the bleeding overhaul. In total, 4 moves were changed and a number of Dinos could be affected.

Distracting Rampage: Changed from no delay to a 1 turn delay. 

This one probably hurts the most, since the Dinos that could be affected (Utarinex, Monolophosaurus, Spinotahraptor, Pyrritator) all rely heavily on that turn 1 2x Damage and Damage debuff, especially Utarinex and Pyrriator as the former does not have any other offensive options other than the normal Strike on Turn 1. Furthermore, Pyrritator with its low health can’t afford getting hit by a non distracted move while only dishing back a 1x Strike.

Superiority Strike: Changed from -33% Speed Reduction to -50% Speed Reduction

The speed reduction here will render other slowing moves such as Thagomizer, Slowing Impact and Decelerating Impact/Rampage less useful against Superiority Strike users. For example in the Diloracheirus VS. Stegodeus matchup, Diloracheirus simply has to use Superiority Strike on Turn 1 and it will 100% still retain speed advantage not matter what Stegodeus does; resulting in a Turn 2 Greater Stunning Rampage, into a Rampage and Run…

Slowing Impact: Changed from 4 Turn Cooldown to 2 Turn Cooldown

This change is for sure a positive one. It makes a lot of Dino’s moveset chain better. For example, Stegoceratops can use Slowing Impact > Greater Stunning Impact > Greater Stunning Strike > Slowing Impact without having to use Strike for 2 turns before using any other of its abilities.

Swap In Shattering Rampage: Changed from 1 Turn Bound to 2 Turn Bound

This only affects Dracorex Gen 2, as before, it could just come in, DSR, Strike, then swap out to save it for later use. If this change effectively takes place, it would mean that it greatly limits its capabilities and turns it into a more niche use Dino, while still powerful nonetheless.

As of this morning, all the text errors were corrected and the in game text now reflects the actual effects of the moves in game. 

Grypolyth Weeks

The Weekly Hybrid Dino event has started! This week, and all until the January the 7th, it will be the components of Grypolyth. For this week, however, only the components of Purrolyth will be spawning, which are Lythronax and Purrusaurus Gen 2, but expect to see Grypolyth soon! Grypolyth is a very capable offensive counter meta tank that can output 3,000 Damage per turn and is a safer counterpart to Diorajasaur, so try and get as many of its components as you can!

Tapjoy Offer

One last note is that Tapjoy, the service for free Hard Cash, now has a bonus 150% reward, which isn’t too much, but it certainly is nice if you’re looking to earn some free hard cash!

Parting Words

So that’s all for now, remember that the move changes have not been implemented yet, nor is that proof or confirmation of any upcoming changes, but it is an indicator of where things could potentially go. Anyways, tomorrow is the Epic Dinos, as well as the Epic Strike Tower, so get prepared for that and don’t lose too much sleep over our beloved Utarinex!

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