As expected from our datamine, Week 30 will be the week of the XMAS Dinos, also known as the “Cute” Dinos that we voted for a few weeks back. This is quite exciting as we get a brand new Legendary and Unique to dart during this week, which you should obviously take advantage of, but let’s go over which of the other dinos to prioritize.

Monday (1 Attempt)

Tuesday (1 Attempt)

Wednesday (24 Attempts)


Thursday-Friday (18 Attempts)




Saturday-Sunday (9 Attempts)




Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, both Dinos are worth going for, although one might prioritize Stegosaurus over Apatosaurus due to the fact that Apatosaurus is available globally while Stegosaurus is only available in parks which are harder to get. Both are components for Stegodeus, but Stegosaurus is also used for Stegoceratops and Monostegotops, while Apatosaurus can also make Nodopatosaurus, Gigaspikasaurus, and Nodopatotitain.

For the Rares we have 3 options, only one of which has a hybrid. Dracorex is the Dino with the hybrid as it hybridizes into one of the strongest Dinos in the game, Utarinex. However, Delta and Charlie aren’t bad Dinos to go for either. Delta is a bit stronger than Charlie, with more speed and also Impact and Run so it can just pounce and run, which is very helpful in Strike Events.

For the Epics, all three are decent Dinos but only one has hybrids. Sinoceratops hybridizes into 4 top tier Dinos, which makes it an indispensable material to attain. It can make Utasinoraptor which leads to the unique Utarinex, as well as Allosinosaurus which leads to the unique Thoradolosaur. Brachisaurus is a very strong tank but can be found globally during the day. Blue can’t be obtained elsewhere but it’s power is not as great as Brachiosaurus’s or the Sinoceratops hybrids, but if you haven’t collected this movie raptor yet, make sure to get enough DNA to at least create it!


Parting Words

This week is quite the exciting week, despite Tuoramoloch and Paramoloch not being that great at the moment, at least another week of Sinoceratops and Dracorex would give you a bump towards that elusive Utarinex!

What will you be going for? Let us know below!

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