Explorers! Today we’ve got a new Boss Strike Event out and this time it’s the Level 30 Stygimoloch Duo!

Stygimoloch Duo Info

Enemies: Stygimoloch (30) + Stygimoloch Gen 2

Stygimoloch Information:


HP 3647 Damage 1702 Speed 129 Crit 5% Armor 0


Shielding Strike + Instant Charge + Impact and Run

Stygimolcoh Gen 2 Information:

Stats: HP 3647 Damage 1580 Speed 128 Crit 5% Armor 0

Moves: Shielding Strike + Impact and Run

Damage Calculation:

Stygimoloch: Shielding Strike= 1702 Shielding Strike + Instant Charge= 3404 Shielding Strike + Instant Charge + Impact and Run = 5957

Stygimoloch Gen 2: Shielding Strike= 1580 Shielding Strike + Impact and Run= 3950


From what we’ve observed, it seems that the more common lead here is Stygimoloch, which has the more common move order of Shielding Strike-Instant Charge-Impact and Run – Stygimolcoh Gen 2-Shielding Strike-Impact and Run.


Since both Stigymolochs have a run ability, they both cannot be bled to death with Lethal Wound only, which we will have to find other ways. One strategy suitable for lower level players is to use Spinosaurus Gen 2 (11) Suchotator (11) Dracorex Gen 2 (13) and a tank that can at least take one hit from Stygimoloch Gen 2. The order is as follows:

  • Send out Spinosaurus Gen 2
  • Stygimoloch Shielding Strike
  • Spinosaurus Gen 2 Lethal Wound
  • Stygimoloch Instant Charge
  • Spinosaurus Gen 2 Dies
  • Send out Suchotator or the Tank
  • Swap in Dracorex Gen 2 with Swap in Shattering Rampage
  • Stygimoloch Dies
  • Stygimoloch Gen 2 outspeeds and kills Dracorex Gen 2 with Shielding Strike
  • Send out Suchotator
  • Suchotator Instant Distract the Impact and Run
  • Suchotator Lethal Wound
  • Stygimoloch Shielding Strike
  • Suchotator Instant Distraction
  • Stygimoloch Impact and Run
  • Swap in the Tank and tank a hit
  • Stygimoloch Gen 2 Dies

So that is a way of beating the strike with quite low level Dinos, if you don’t have Spinosaurus Gen 2, you can substitute with a gashing wound Dino that can take that 1.7k damage first hit. But then you’ll need a higher level Dracorex Gen 2 to make up for the 6% damage. What level is that? Well Pocemon is tired on Christmas day so pick up a calculator and try out some different scenarios for yourself, after all, we don’t know everyone’s situation and only you know it best. If you have stronger Dinos like Trykosaurus and Tenontorex, you should be fine with them as well.

Parting Words

Hopefully this guide helped you defeat this strike and hopefully, you all got good DNA from it. It is quite a difficult Event in comparison to some other ones we’ve gotten, but still manageable at lower levels. Merry Christmas everyone who does celebrate this occasion and Happy Holidays if you do rather prefer a relaxed December 25th out darting Dinos and fighting in the Tournament!

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