This strike event rewards an Epic Incubator and features the ‘Cute’ dinos as voted by the community. It is 7 steps and is active for 3 days.

Enemy List

  1. Stegosaurus (13), Blue (11), Charlie (12)
  2. Sinoceratops (13), Dracorex (14), Delta (15)
  3. Blue (13), Charlie (14), Stegosaurus (15)
  4. Sinoceratops (14), Dracorex (15), Paramoloch (16)
  5. Blue (15), Charlie (16), Brachiosaurus (17)
  6. Charlie (16), Delta (17), Blue (18)
  7. Dracorex (18), Paramoloch (19), Tuoramoloch (21)


Especially for the first few battles in this strike event, anything with Superiority Strike will do an amazing job taking out the raptors. Anything faster such as your own raptors will be handy at taking out the likes of Stegosaurus and Sinoceratops. For Paramoloch and Tuoramoloch we recommend Immune creatures like Tryostronix and Postimetrodon.

Every battle that has Dracorex will start with another creature (such as Paramoloch) and then it will swap in Dracorex turn 1, know this and use it to your advantage. It may get a free 1,000 damage, but you can easily take priority and two shot and get it out of your way.

Even super tanky lower tier dinos will always be able to work down the health bar of these two creatures allowing you to bring in something faster to clean up. Overall, this strike isn’t too difficult.


  1. 300 coins
  2. 500 coins
  3. Small Incubator
  4. 1,000 coins
  5. Small Incubator
  6. 1,500 coins
  7.  Epic Incubator

Possible Dino Rewards:

Common- Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus

Rare- Dracorex, DeltaCharlie

Epic- Brachiosaurus, SinoceratopsBlue

Legendary/Unique (If you are super lucky)- Paramoloch, Tuoramoloch

Parting Words

Were you successful? We hope you were and that this guide somewhat helped you through this Epic Strike Event!

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