Explorers! So Ludia just announced on their Twitter handle the Featured Dinos for Week 31 and it’s a very familiar one with a little twist-Pterosaurs! We’ve seen similar weeks like this and have also had the Legendary Alankylosaurus before, but this time they added some of the new Pterosaurs like Dimorphodon and Darwinopterus, so if it’s too hard for you to decide which Dinos to go after, we’ll walk you through some choices here!

Monday (24 Attempts)


Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday (24 Attempts)


Friday + Saturday (9 Attempts)


Sunday (1 Attempt)


Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, both are worth going for. At the moment, Dimorphodon is the only one of the two with a hybrid (Dimondactylus), but Dimorphodon is fairly common during Dawn/Dusk time as it spawns everywhere during that period of time. Hazgeopteryx, on the other hand, has no hybrid at the moment, but the datamine shows that it very likely will get a hybrid down the road. Also, Hatzgeopteryx is bounded to parks, which makes it harder to obtain than Dimorphodon. So the commons are a risk/reward situation, go for the easier to obtain hybrid material, or the harder to obtain potential hybrid material who also might just not have a hybrid at all.

For the Rares, only Tupandactylus has a hybrid at the moment with Dimorphodon. However, Tupandactylus is also the only one of the four to spawn everywhere. Quetzal only spawns in parks, Arambourgiania is arena exclusive and Dsungaripterus you can’t get in the wild at all. So we suggest you at least unlock all of the four but then maybe focus more on Tupandactylus since it’s the only one that is a hybrid material.

For the Epics, only Alanqa has a hybrid, but also remember that we have so many methods to obtain Alanqa DNA now. The 8-hour incubators have an over 50% chance of giving you Alanqa DNA if you’re above arena 3 and a 100% chance if you’re under that, as well as the daily incubator and daily missions, so Alanqa DNA isn’t hard to obtain. On the other hand, Darwinopterus and Pteranodon both don’t have hybrids and are both decent non-hybrid Dinos that are bound to parks.

Parting Words

We know that to many of you this might be a mildly disappointing week, but remember, we do get an attempt on a Legendary Dino which is always welcome. We would also like to remind everyone that there still could be that Fallen Kingdom Event Week coming, as shown in the datamine, so this might be the very necessary down week in between two very hype weeks, just so we don’t burn out on hype events.

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