Explorers! Ludia announced on Twitter Week #32’s featured dinosaurs–Counter Attackers! Counter attackers at the moment aren’t great Dinos, but their DNA is always nice to have in stock if they ever buff any of these Dinos and Hybrids.


Monday + Tuesday (24 Attempts)



Wednesday + Thursday + Friday (30 Attempts)






Saturday + Sunday (9 Attempts)




Which Dinos to focus on?

For the Commons, unlike last time, Lythronax now has some value as it fuses with Purrusaurus Gen 2 to create Purrolyth which further creates the Unique Hybrid Grypolyth. Since we already had 3 weeks of Lythronax spawning globally in the wild it’s fine to go for Majungasaurus as well, as it makes the Indominus killer, Majungasuchus.

For the Rares, Megalosaurus and Tupandactylus seems like two obvious picks, they make Megalosuchus and Dimodactylus. One Dino we’d advise you steer clear from, however, is Majundasuchus, since it isn’t the most optimal way to use Magundasuchus DNA. The optimal way to treat Magundasuchus DNA and other rare hybrid DNA is to fuse for them, since they aren’t hard to gather and give the best EXP/Coin outcome unless you are already at level 20 or have no interest in leveling up fast.

For the Epics, Rajasaurus is the best pick of the three. Although Rajakylosaurus struggles a lot in this meta, Diorajasaurus still has some niche uses in certain situations. These two Dinos also have their cycles in patches where they’re either super powerful or they’re not strong, so there’s a good chance these two would get buffed in a future patch. As for Pteranodon and Concavenator, you can go for them as well, predicting a future hybrid if you don’t need Rajasaurus DNA, but the known is less risky than going after unknowns.

Parting Words

Next week’s Dinos are definitely an improvement from the flyer week, but still not the best. Although many of these Dinos while not so useful at the moment are all good Dinos to stock up DNA on. We are still waiting in anticipation for the 12 Rex plus Indoraptor Week yet to come in the Fallen Kingdom themed featured Dinos!

As always, comment down below your thoughts on Tragodistis, and let us know in our Discord what counter guides you would like to see next!