Welcome explorers! As my inaugural article on Metahub, I would first like to thank my fellow writers as well as the Jurassic World: Alive™ community for their support and persistent enthusiasm for all things dino related! In the “This or That!” series, I will thoroughly analyze two creatures that players may be conflicted between pursuing. Each creature will be closely tied to the week’s featured theme, either as a primary dinosaur or a potential hybrid, and be as closely matched to its opponent as possible. Remember though, each explorer must walk their own path. The final decision is in your hands. Now let’s get started!


Megalosuchus vs. Rajakylosaurus

When it comes to counter-attackers, these two are likely the first to come to mind. Megalosuchus and Rajakylosaurus share a legendary status and as long as they have a breath left in them, neither will take a hit without giving a little something back! There are some key differences between them however, that may make one the better choice for you. After all, every teams needs are unique.


Both of these legendaries share a 1x counter that can bypass armor. On top of that, they each have the ability to pin down their opponent, put up their own defenses and unleash critical attacks that not only cause serious damage on the initial move, but on the counter-attack as well! In a meta where “hit and run” moves have become ubiquitous, the ability to keep your opponent in place can really shift the odds in your favor. Even if you choose not to pin, both of these dinos will still give one last hit before the opponent flees (as long as they’re still alive of course). Even more so, these two contenders may seem to have a lower than average base attack, but a buff with ferocious strike or extended critical strike can do some serious damage between the base and counter attacks.

Key Differences:

Probably the most glaring difference between these two counter attackers is how to make them! Megalosuchus comes from the fusion of 3 rare dinos: Gorgosuchus (Gorgosaurus + Kaprosuchus) + Megalosaurus. While Kaprosuchus may be a global find, you’ll have to run to Local 1 for your Megalosaurus DNA and to Local 2 for your Gorgosaurus DNA. Rajakylosaurus on the other hand requires only 2 ingredients to make (Rajasaurus + Ankylosaurus), but don’t be fooled into thinking that makes it any easier to create! The two epics both come from Local 4, but do take a fair bit of hunting to find.

A key advantage Megalosuchus has over its star-shaped opponent is it’s speed. At 115, it is faster than almost every tank and can use this to its benefit by landing the first move. Rajakylosaurus on the other hand, lags far behind and with a speed of only 104, is one of the slowest dinos in the game. Long protection (50% shield for 4 turns) and an extended critical strike (+60% critical chance for 3 turns) as well as instant invincibility make an attempt to compensate for its lackluster speed, but when was the last time you saw a dino last this long in a game?

Other things to consider:

When deciding between these two, the most important thing to consider are resources. Your time and effort (and coins!) are much too valuable to waste, especially when both of these counter-attackers are made up of some pretty valuable ingredients. Each require DNA that some of the strongest tyrants in the current meta need. Spinotasuchus alone will require 200 Kaprosuchus per fuse! And I don’t need to tell you which big chomper uses Ankylosaur in its recipe. If you go the Rajakylosaurus route and hope to make its unique (Diorajasaur), expect your Ankylosaur requirements to sky rocket! This may even keep you from making Trykosaurus down the road… If you go the Megalosuchus route, it may take longer to make the tyrant bleeder that’s a mainstay on many elite teams. The most important thing to consider is your team’s long term goals and which tyrants you may want to pursue as you advance in the game. Obviously there is no one right answer, but one thing is for certain: a pinning and counter-attacking dino can be a nasty surprise and land you plenty of victories in the arena!

Thanks for tuning in and I hope to see you on the next edition of “This or That!”

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