We’ve got a few new things in the Jurassic World: Alive universe that we wanted to touch on! Let’s dive in!

Favorite Legendary Dinosaur Poll

There’s a new poll in your in-game mail asking about your favorite legendary dinosaur!

We’ve seen polls like this before. We’ve been asked what dinosaurs are scariest prior to the Halloween event. We’ve been asked what dinosaurs are cutest prior to the Winter Holiday event. And each time, the results of those polls were used in picking event dinosaurs.

So you know what that means! Whatever you pick, the majority is going to show up somewhere. The poll is asking for your top 5 favorite legendary dinosaurs and the options to choose from are as follows:

  • Alankylosaurus
  • Allosinosaurus
  • Ankyntrosaurus
  • Diloranosaurus
  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Indominus Rex
  • Megalosuchus
  • Monolometrodon
  • Monomimus
  • Monostegotops
  • Nodopatotitan
  • Paramoloch
  • Pyrritator
  • Rajakylosaurus
  • Spinotasuchus
  • Stegodeus
  • Tragodistis
  • Tryostronix
  • Utasinoraptor

That’s why I picked Monomimus five times…. err… I mean…

Tournament Rewards

With the conclusion of our latest tournament season, we’re all waiting for rewards to arrive in our inboxes.

If history proves correct, we can likely expect those rewards tomorrow (Friday) as that seems to be about how long it takes Ludia to tally the results of the tournament and get rewards out to winners.

If you don’t recall the reward tiers, I’ve included them below.