Diorajasaur (Dio for short throughout the article) has so much potential as a dino with a unique moveset compared to other top-end creatures.. but it’s just so lackluster. We’ll explore why Dio is so inefficient and how it could be improved.

The faults

Dio’s moveset is quite different from many other chompers in the game. The moves it has look good on paper, featuring two different shields, with Short Defense and Instant Invincibility. Distracting Impact coupled with the shield offer Dio tremendous survivability but it often doesn’t get the chance to even use all its moves. It also has a full 1x damage defense shattering counter, along with swap in ferocity.

However, this creatures fault lies with two factors. The first is lackluster stats. It is slow, at 108. It doesn’t have a good critical chance. It only does 900 damage at 26. It doesn’t even break 4,000 health. Sure, it has 30% armor but many things at the top tier wipe out armor. The second problem is swap in ferocity. Without it, it struggles to deal enough damage, especially if distracted. To take advantage of it, it has to swap in, in most cases taking large amounts of damage. The fact is, the dino often gets killed before doing any attacks besides for a boosted counter. While this counter could be used to get a cheeky hit on a remaining dino, many other creatures offer the same thing and others, such as Dracorex Gen 2, do this job much better.

To sum up Dio’s problem- it can’t cleanse, it isn’t immune, it doesn’t have high health, it doesn’t attack hard, it doesn’t have a 2x damage move like Trykosaurus, it doesn’t crit, and it won’t outspeed hardly anything.

Basically, Diorajasaur is a worse Trykosaurus. It has worse health, worse attack, much lower crit chance, lack of 2x damage move. They have the same armor, same speed, and the only thing Dio has going for it is the full 1x defense shattering counter.

The (easy) fix

Several options are available, however, I believe small fixes will help, while avoiding completely changing the dino. The easy fix is to remove swap in ferocity and buff its damage. Potentially increasing the critical chance to 20% will give the dino sneaky ability to dish out high damage.

Parting Words

This article doesn’t offer a groundbreaking change to Dio on purpose. We like that certain dinos have their own strengths, weaknesses, and roles to fill. Each dino should be unique in their own right while filling its role when it’s supposed to be the best option for said role.

Agree with the suggestion or disagree? Feel free to leave your thoughts below or in our Discord.