Put on your hard hat because we’re gonna cover a lot of info here. With the speculation that update 1.6 is just around the corner, we’re throwing around all sorts of ideas as to what this next update might bring. Prior to patch 1.5, we posted this hybrid speculation article and actually got a few things right! We got hybrids for Tupandactylus, Gryposuchus, and Allosinosaurus, as well as a few new hybrids made of common components (Purrolyth and Dracoceratops). Not so bad.

But now we’ve got a new update around the corner, so it’s time to speculate once again. So let’s begin by talking about balance.

Possible Balance Changes for Hybrids

Balance is always a tough thing to achieve in a game like Jurassic World Alive. Thankfully, the game developers have given us some insight into how they go about determining the power level of each creature.

First, the rarity determines the general power of the creature in the meta. Second, the difficulty to create determines the power of the creature (in theory).

Obviously, the rarity of each dinosaur (ignoring hybrids for a moment) has a big impact on the possible moves and strength of the statistics. We see this most clearly in the number of moves available for a common versus a rare or epic creature. Common dinosaurs tend to only have two moves. Rares and Epics have a third move (again ignoring hybrids). And pretty much every Legendary or Unique has four moves.

As for hybrids, if the dinosaur is a hybrid, most of the above goes out the window. Suchotator and Diplotator are both rare hybrids, and yet both have four moves. But we do know something about hybrids as well. Theoretically, they are supposed to be balanced based on how difficult they are to create.

So, for instance, the legendary Monolometrodon created from two common components (Monolophosaurus Gen 2 + Dimetrodon Gen 2) is generally weaker than Rajakylosaurus which is made of two epic components (Rajasaurus + Ankylosaurus).

What does this mean? Well, let’s take a closer look at how hard each hybrid is to create.

Balance – By The Numbers

We know that the below chart is constant, so creating any rare hybrid from two common components will always cost you 50 of one common component per fuse and 50 of another. At the same time, creating a legendary from two common components will cost 500 common dna from each common component. The table below shows how the costs work.

Hybrid Rarity Level Required DNA Needed For One Fuse
Common Rare Epic Legendary
Rare 5 50 X X X
Epic 10 200 50 X X
Legendary 15 500 200 50 X
Unique 20 2000 500 200 50

Using the above table, we can look at the cost to fuse each dinosaur as a measuring stick to determine how hard the dinosaur is to create. So a Legendary dinosaur that costs 50 dna of one component and 50 of another must be made of two Epic components and thus is going to be as difficult as a Legendary dinosaur can be to make. The lower the total cost of the two components, the harder it will be to fuse for that dinosaur.

So in a perfect world, the strongest to weakest dinosaurs in the unique tier will look like this, where total fuse cost is the total cost of one fuse (left and right side) and component fuse cost is the cost of one fuse of the hybrid component dinosaur (left and right side).

For instance, Trykosaurus is made up of the Epic non-hybrid Tyrannosaurus Rex (200 DNA per fuse) and the Legendary hybrid Ankyntrosaurus (50 DNA per fuse) for a total cost to fuse of 250. Fusing Ankyntrosaurus (the legendary hybrid component) costs 50 Ankyntrosaurus DNA and 50 Kentrosaurus DNA. So the cost to fuse the hybrid component for Trykosaurus is 100 DNA per fuse. Both of these numbers are low by comparison to the rest of the Unique dinosaurs, meaning it’s made up of very rare components. The lower each number, the harder it is to create that dinosaur or component dinosaur. When we calculate the cost to fuse for every Unique dinosaur by simply adding in this way, we get the following list in the following order.

Name Total Fuse Cost Component Fuse Cost
Rarity: Unique
Trykosaurus 250 100
Erlidominus 250 550
Diorajasaur 550 100
Magnapyritor 550 250 Irritator component only in arena
Utarinex 550 250
Tuoramoloch 550 550 Stigymoloch component only in arena
Tenontorex 550 700
Grypolyth 700 100
Diloracheirus 2050 250
Indoraptor 2050 550
Thoradolosaur 2050 550

Now, this is perhaps an oversimplification. It doesn’t account for arena-only components. It’s also not weighted to favor the hybrid or superhybrid components. It’s just a raw calculation of the cost to fuse once for a hybrid and a superhybrid.

Still, what’s interesting about this chart is how it doesn’t seem to represent the actual strength of these Unique dinosaurs. Theoretically, people creating unique dinosaurs are going to work from the bottom to the top, often with Indoraptor (or now Thoralodosaur) being the first unique dinosaur a player can make. I can forgive Indoraptor being low on this list because of it’s place in the Jurassic World universe. It’s supposed to be a real beast. So sure, maybe the balance there will never be quite right.

But look how high Diorajasaur and Magnapyrator are and how they are absent from most teams in the top of the arena, versus the bottom three that are on many many teams. Worse yet, Magnapyrator and Touramoloch both require arena-exclusive components which are much harder to get than their rarity suggests.

Let’s take a look at the same criteria for Legendary hybrids.

Name Total Fuse Cost Component Fuse Cost
Rarity: Legendary
Tryostronix 100 100
Monostegotops 100 250
Ankyntrosaurus* 100
Rajakylosaurus* 100
Megalosuchus 250 100
Spinotasuchus 250 100
Gigaspikasaur 250 250
Nodopatotitan 250 250
Diloranosaurus* 250
Pyrritator* 250
Utasinoraptor* 250
Stegodeus 550 250
Tragodistis 550 250
Alankylosaurus* 550 Alanqa component only in arena
Allosinosaurus* 550
Indominus Rex* 550
Monomimus* 550 Gallimimus component only in arena
Paramoloch* 550 Stigymoloch component only in arena
Tyrannolophosaur* 700
Dracoceratops* 1000
Monolometrodon* 1000
*Anything with an asterisk is not a superhybrid

Overall the strength from top to bottom isn’t terribly far off here. Again Indominus Rex belongs a bit higher, but this can be explained by the Jurassic World universe having a bigger place for Indominus Rex and the components being purposefully easier to obtain for that reason. Spinotasuchus certainly belongs higher up. The Sauropods (Gigaspikasaur and Nodopatotitan) belong way further down based on how not so great they are right now. Nodopatotitan is easily one of the worst Legendaires in the game. And again not enough weight is given to the arena exclusive aspect of Alankylosaurus, Monomimus and Paramoloch. They’re much harder to create than they look.

Now, none of this means for sure that we’ll see Thoralodosaur get debuffed or Diorajasaur get buffed to Erlidominus levels. I just found it interesting to see how the balance looks when viewed from what we are told the developers use to balance the game – focusing only on rarity and the components to determine a pecking order.

Although the balance feels pretty good right now in the game, it is interesting to see how the difficulty to create each hybrid compares to what people are actually using in the arena.

Hybrid Speculation – What We Know

As we’ve discussed before in this article that came out before the most recent release, we also know that hybrids are always created with constant values (via the table above) and that once a hybrid is created using a hybrid as components (called a super-hybrid) — it doesn’t get a further hybrid.

So our present list of hybrids that lack a superhybrid (and thus may be components in a further hybrid) looks like this:

Name Rarity
Alankylosaurus Legendary
Monomimus Legendary
Dracoceratops Legendary
Monolometrodon Legendary
Dimodactylus Epic
Suchotator Rare
Ankylocodon Rare
Majundasuchus Rare
Diplotator Rare

And our present list of non-hybrid dinosaurs that lack a hybrid at all looks like this:

Name Rarity
Blue Epic
Brachiosaurus Epic
Concavenator Epic
* Darwinopterus  Epic
* Diplodocus  Epic
Koolasuchus Epic
* Pteranodon  Epic
Secodontosaurus Epic
Spinosaurus Gen 2 Epic
* Arambourgiana Rare
Argentinosaurus Rare
Baryonyx Gen 2 Rare
Carnotaurus Rare
Charlie Rare
Delta Rare
Diplocaulus Gen 2 Rare
* Dsungaripterus Rare
Echo Rare
Edmontosaurus Rare
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 Rare
Koolasuchus Gen 2 Rare
Ornithomimus Rare
Proceratosaurus Rare
Purussaurus Rare
* Quetzalcoatlus Rare
Wuerhosaurus Rare
* Hatzegopteryx Common
Iguanadon Common
* Miragaia Common
Stygimoloch Gen 2 Common
Tanycolagreus Common

New dinosaurs from the last two patches are marked with an asterisk as generally these have a higher probability of getting a hyrbid sooner rather than later.

With the addition of Diplodocus, I have to believe we’re getting close to a Unique Sauropod (having Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, and Argentinosaurus to choose from). A flying unique also is distinctly missing from the lineup, as well as a unique that uses bleeding moves or nullifying moves.

We’re still missing some dinosaurs that we’ve pulled in our datamining prior (such as these two that we pulled in 1.4 and these four that we pulled in 1.5) so it’s possible that we get to see some of these dinosaurs in action too.

But we know Ludia likes to create hybrids from dinosaurs that don’t have a purpose in the meta at the moment, so the above list is a good benchmark of dinosaurs to pay attention to when you’re out catching things.

Parting Words

Whlie we’re still expecting the new patch to be just over the horizon (perhaps the next two to three weeks if we’re lucky), we can’t help but speculate about the cool new things that could be done with Jurassic World Alive.

What we know for certain is that Ludia is constantly balancing the arena, constantly working on new and interesting hybrids to make every dinosaur relevant, and constantly trying to improve this game that we all love.

What do you think about all this? What balancing changes do you think need to be made? What dinosaurs would you most like to see become hybrids?

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