In an unexpected turn of events, we’ve got Fallen Kingdom week coming next week! That’s right! So January 21st to 27th is going to feature some of the most famous dinosaurs from the Fallen Kingdom movies.

Let’s take a look at what the week has in store!

Monday + Tuesday (36 Attempts)


Triceratops Gen 2


Wednesday + Thursday (12 Attempts)


Baryonyx Gen 2

Friday + Saturday (12 Attempts)

Tyrannosaurus Rex




Sunday (1 Attempt)


Which Dinos to focus on?

For the Commons, Stegosaurus is a great dinosaur in the earliest stages of the game. Plus, it builds two extremely useful hybrids in Stegoceratops (and later Monostegotops), as well as Stegodeus. Of course, Gallimimus is an arena-only exclusive and can be hard to come by in the early game as well, so going for Gallimimus is also a great avenue if you have a need for it. Monomimus (Gallimimus plus Monolophosaur from last week) could be close at hand for many dino hunters, and even after the nerf, the Dodgestritch is still plenty useful in the arena. I’m guessing not too many people are going to go for Triceratops Gen 2, though if you’ve sunk some cost into Dracoceratops, it might be useful to pile up on this component.

For the Rares, it’s really a coin flip. With an update just around the corner, who knows what will get a hybrid and what won’t. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Ludia, it’s that every dinosaur has its day. Pick your favorite between Carnotaurus and Baryonyx Gen 2 and go out there and dart them!

For the Epics, it’s hard to argue anything but Tyrannosaurus Rex. Since the latest patch came out, it’s been harder and harder to find this staple chomper in the wild. So using at least a number (if not most) of your attempts on this massive monster is definitely recommended. Then again, Stygimoloch is another arena exclusive, and a necessary material in the decent Legendary dinosaur Paramoloch (and subsequent Unique dinosaur Touramoloch). If you’re close to either, it’d be worth a shot. And of course, Blue and Brachiosaurus don’t have hybrids at the moment, but every dinosaur has its day.

For the Unique – I mean… just dart Indoraptor. If you’ve never darted it before, don’t worry about unlocking it. Just make some progress and cash in some DNA. It’s impossible to unlock that thing in one go, but every little bit saves you all sorts of Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA.

Parting Words

Next week’s Dinos are really exciting due to so many attempts at T-Rex and another shot at Indoraptor. And stocking up on core components is always a welcome opportunity. We’re looking forward to these dinos. How about you?

As always, comment down below your thoughts and let us know in our Discord what you’re darting!