Ludia has done it again! They’ve released another set of formulas to make the newest legendary creatures in Jurassic World Alive!

It would appear we have a hybrid that combines Darwinopterus with Hatzegopteryx and a new hybrid that combines the Epic Koolasuchus with a new dinosaur from our datamining efforts – Scolosaurus!

So you’ll need all of those components at level 15 in order to begin fusing the above hybrids.

Exciting stuff! If you missed the last set of hybrid components, here they are as well.

These new hybrids combine Edmontosaurus and Iguanadon, and the second combines Ornithomimus and Proceratosaurus. For these, the components will need to be level 10 to start fusing.

Could this mean Ludia is also going to release the fusion components to the new Unique flyers in advance of the update? We sure hope so!

What do you think? Are you excited about these new hybrids? What do you think makes up the last two uniques?