This strike may appear daunting at first for low-level players- but worry not! This guide will instruct you with an easy way to defeat this level 30 Nodopatotitan.


Step 1: Level 30 Nodopatotitan

Stats and Moves in one handy chart

Dinosaur Health @ Level Damage @ Level
Nodopatotitan (Lvl 30) 6,199 1,216
Superiority Strike 1,216
Decelerating Impact 1,824
Long Protection 1,216
Bellow 0
Counter Attack (.25x) 304


Do not forget that Nodopatotitan comes equipped with 40% armor, meaning it will take armor piercing attacks to do anywhere close to full damage.

Mid-level Strategy

This strike will be super easy as long as you equip the right dinos.

The first thing you need is a bleeder or two, preferably one that has Lethal Wound. If your dino has Lethal Wound, start with it and use it right away. Even if your dino dies in one shot, it has done its job. Now, all you need to do is survive for 2 more turns. This will be easy, and any tanky dinos like Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, and many others will survive long enough for Nodopatotitan to be finished off.

All the dinos with Lethal Wound are as follows: Spinotasuchus, Suchotator, Spinosaurus Gen 2, and Dimodactylus.

Level 1 Strategy

This strike can be completed with the following dinos, all at level 1. Dimorphodon, Suchomimus, and Ankylosaurus Gen 2. The strategy to follow is:

Lead Ankylosaurus and before any attack immediately swap to Dimorphodon

It will apply its swap in bleed move and be killed

Bring Anky back out and swap to Suchomimus, again before any attack

It will apply its swap in bleed move and be killed

Now, bring out your Anky again and use Long Protection first move

Enjoy your win!


If you beat this strike, you’ll be rewarded with an Epic Incubator based off of your current player level.

Parting Words

This strike should be an easy battle to get a great reward.

Be sure to let us know how the strategy worked for you!

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