The patch notes are out! And let me tell you there’s a lot to cover!!! Let’s touch on the high level details!

Alliance Missions

We knew they’d have more for us when alliances were introduced, and we didn’t have to wait too long for the next addition.

Alliance missions offer a really interesting opportunity to gain rewards. Missions work similar to how dailies work, only the missions need to be completed in a week by the whole alliance. There are two categories of missions: Exploration and Defense.

Exploration Missions – These missions focus on things like using a certain amount of darts or collecting a certain amount of common, rare, or epic DNA.

Defense Missions – These missions are more oriented towards arena play. These are things like completing a number of battles, defeating a number of dinosaurs, winning a number of games, etc.

So each week, you will get 5 exploration missions and 5 defense missions. Your guild will need to complete these missions to collect a reward (one reward for exploration and one for defense). As you complete each one, you earn a badge that shows you who had the most participation in the mission (who fired the most darts, or who did the most battles etc). Once all five are completed, the reward opens up (similar to how our daily incubators work when we defeat 10 dinosaurs). But it gets better.

There are 5 levels of rewards for your Exploration and for your Defense missions. Completing them all in a week means you get harder missions the next week, but you get greater rewards for completing your new set. Pretty cool, eh?

Drone Improvements

In addition to the alliance missions, our drone range has now been expanded so that anything in your range (strike events, treasure chests, supply drops) can now be accessed as if you were right next to them. Yup. You heard that right.

Now there is one stipulation. For strike events, you can just access them if they are in your range (150 meters or 200 meters if you have VIP), but treasure chests and supply drops will have slightly reduced rewards if you grab them from afar instead of from your 50 meter range.

So you can collect a supply drop from 147 meters away, but you’ll end up getting less coins/darts/hard cash than you would’ve if you went right next to it. Nonetheless, this will help immensely with completing daily missions.

Which brings me to the next topic I think is amazing!

Bug Fixes

That’s right. We’ve got plenty to be excited about here.

  • Daily missions have been revamped. Ludia took our feedback on how tough it is to do 30 battles in a day or open 27 incubators, and they’ve significantly reduced the daily missions to accommodate. Oh, and we’re getting T-Rex DNA now for completing dailies instead of Alanqa.
  • The issues with scent capsules not showing spawns has been fixed. There should no longer be scent capsules used that don’t have spawns.
  • The damage preview (where you hold your finger on an attack to see how much damage it will do) was fixed and now shows the correct damage a move will do (including accounting for shields, armor, distraction, pretty much everything but the possibility of a critical strike).
  • There’s a few more mentioned in the bug fixes section of the patch notes, and a few I didn’t see mentioned that I hope are ready to go. We’ll see when the game drops and we can test them out.

New Dinosaurs

In addition to the hybrids Ludia already teased, we’re also getting four brand new non-hybrid dinosaurs.

Ok, well we at least knew Scolosaurus was here because of the hybrid and they teased Pachycephalosaurus yesterday, but still! I’m going to cover these  and the hybrids quickly because there’s more in the patch notes that you can read, and we still don’t have the full stats on anything. I’ll just lay out the movesets for each.

Scolosaurus: Swap in Defense, Vulnerability Strike, Rampage
Scaphognathus: Swap in Wound, Pinning Strike, Swoop, Regeneration
Maiasaura: Swap in Stun, Superiority Strike, Impact and Run, Instant Rampage
Pachycephalosaurus: Swap in Stun, Shielding Strike, Decelerating Impact, Rampage and Run.

And of course we’ve got the new hybrids as well.

Darwezopteryx: Swap in Wound, Superiority Strike, Swoop, Defense Shattering Impact, Instant Invincibility.
Edmontoguanadon: Swap in Stun, Superiority Strike, Nullifying Impact, Greater Stunning Rampage, Regenerate and Run
Pterovexus: Immunity, Swap In Wound, Pinning Strike, Swoop, Nullifying Impact, Distracting Impact
Stygidaryx: Swap in Invincibility, Superiority Strike, Lethal Swoop, Cleansing Swoop, Instant Invincibility
Procerathomimus: Swap in Nullification, Nullifying Strike, Distracting Rampage, Instant Distraction, Evasive Stance
Skoolasaurus: Swap in Nullification, Nullifying Strike, Slowing Impact, Long Protection, Rampage.

New Moves And Which Dinos Get Them

Ludia also announced some brand new moves, some of which are terrifying.

We expected Swap-In Nullification to be introduced in some fashion, and it’s a featured aspect of two new dinosaurs. In the survey Ludia sent out some months back, they asked us for feedback on what type of creatures should have nullification type moves. We answered fast creatures, and tanky creatures. So they gave us one of each.

Skoolasaurus (Koolasuchus and Scolosaurus hybrid) is the tanky version with swap in nullification.

Proceratomimus (Proceratosaurus and Ornithomimus hybrid) is the fast version with swap in nullification.

Another new dinosaur, the epic Maiasaura, gets the new and terrifying Instant Rampage move (in addition to the stunning moves and hit and run moves that most hardosaurs get). I’m terrified to think what the eventual legendary might look like with instant rampage. It’ll be fun to have, and not so fun to face.

And the new Edmontoguanadon is no slouch either, featuring the new move Regenerate and Run — allowing that double-strength hardosaur to priority heal and auto swap all in one fast move.

Acute Stun is an interesting addition to Dracoceratops kit. The three horned legendary made of common materials appears to have also gained a few other tricks. Swap in Defense Shattering Rampage, a regular Rampage, and Regeneration. It appears we’ll have two swap in monsters instead of just Draco Gen 2 (who appears to remain mostly intact as well, with only a minor attack nerf).

Decelerating Strike (similar to Superiority Strike but without cleansing distraction) will show up in a few dinosaurs as well, particularly it will replace “Strike” in the Sinoceratops line (Sinoceratops, Utasinoraptor, Utarinex).

Lethal Swoop and Cleansing Swoop both are new moves and both end up in the capable hands of Stygidaryx. While this beast may struggle with immune creatures, it’ll sure put a healthy helping of hurt on everything else.

In Conclusion

Overall, there’s a lot to like about this new update. There were some smaller buffs and nerfs also mentioned, such as a change to Superiority Strike (now slows by 50% to match all other slowing moves), a change to Distracting Rampage (now a 1 turn delay), Nullifying Impact now has a 1 turn cooldown, Ready To Crush now works for 3 turns instead of 2, and Slowing Impact had its cooldown reduced from 3 to 2 turns.

It seems to me that 1.6 does drastically improve the quality of life for players in a lot of ways, and hopefully we continue to see more of that in the future.