Explorers! This morning a brand new Boss Strike Event dropped, bringing us a level 30 Wuerhosaurus and a level 30 Sinoceratops. Fear not, use this guide to help you defeat this event.


Step 1: Level 30 Wuerhosaurus, Level 30 Sinoceratops

Stats and Moves in one handy chart

Dinosaur Health @ Level Damage @ Level
Weurhosaurus (Lvl 30) 5,834 1,702
Superiority Strike 1,702
Thagomizer 2,553
Instant Distraction 0



Dinosaur Health @ Level Damage @ Level
Sinoceratops (Lvl 30) 4,923 1,640
Slowing Strike 1,640
Greater Stunning Impact 2,460
Instant Charge 1,640




These two dinos are strong with movesets that can make it a pain to get consistent damage. However, both dinos are very vulnerable to bleed damage. As usual with most strikes, throwing any mixture of Suchotator, Spinotasuchus, Dimorphodon, Suchomimus, and any other bleeders is an easy way to cheese yourself to a win.

If using bleeders isn’t your fancy, immune dinos are very strong. Dimetrodon Gen 1 and 2, Tryostronix, Indominus Rex and others will make this very easy, as long as your dinos can survive that first hit.

Finally, if all else fails you can always fall on your best damage dealers like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus and others to get you the victory.


If you beat this strike, you’ll be rewarded with an Epic Incubator based off of your current player level.

Parting Words

This strike may be a little bit challenging for the lowest players with low-level dinos, but using the right strategy can get the job done.

Be sure to let us know how the strategy worked for you!

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