Explorers, today posted on Ludia’s forums and twitter was a special message talking about a special Treasure Chase only for Valentine’s Day, tomorrow on February 14.

That’s right, tomorrow only, log in and collect a treasure chest every hour to collect up to 15,000 coins through 13 possible chests.

So, ignore your girl/boyfriends, your husband/wife, and go grab some coins!

Kidding, of course, Valentine’s Day is a special day for those with a significant other, collect these as you have time and make sure to show them your love!

For people without one, well there’s always next year, right? 😉

For those interested in viewing the forums post check it out here and see for yourselves.

Hopefully, we see more of these coin chest events in the future, as they are a great way to boost your coin count. The coin bonanza or coin chase last month into the beginning of this month was a tremendous help to everyone’s stash of coins. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see that event again sometime.

 Parting Words

Extra coins are never something to complain about! Of course, as mentioned above don’t make this day all about the game if you have other priorities, but we always appreciate Ludia spicing things up in the game!

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