We’ve got another interesting week ahead of us, with a few repeats that frankly I’m looking forward to. It isn’t so rough as last weeks Lockdown events, but we’re still a little lacking in components here for end-game dinosaurs (with two exceptions).

Still, free dino DNA is free dino DNA, so let’s cover what to dart!

Monday + Tuesday (36 Attempts)
Dimetrodon Gen 2

Wednesday + Thursday (18 Attempts)

Friday + Saturday + Sunday (6 Attempts)

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, we would have normally shouted loud and clear: Gallimimus! However, with the recent nerf on its Hybrid Monomimus, and the recent addition of the new unique Pterovexus (which is sadly pretty far down our tier list) we’re on the fence. Nonetheless, all three of the Commons have decent Hybrids. We would simply suggest to focus on the one(s) you normally don’t see in your Local.

For the Rares we have 3 Dinos to choose from… Ankylocodon is a powerful armor eater if you don’t have one of the heavy hitters. Nonetheless, it can be pretty helpful until you build other powerful Legendaries like Tryostronix and Allosinosaurus, so you might want to use a few of your attempts for this Dino. If you’re struggling to beat tanks, it might be a worthy target. Plus, who knows, it could get a super-hybrid in the next patch.

On the other hand, Dimetrodon is clearly the best option this time. Considering the incredible boost on Tryostronix (with Ready To Crush improving to 3 full turns) and the newly minted Tyrant-tier Magnapyritor, you’ll need as much Dimetrodon DNA as you can put your hands on! However, Ornithomimus may be worthy as well if you’re lacking that component for Proceratomimus. Still, we always recommend going for harder to find rares.

For the Epics, it should be an easy decision for all of us! For the same reason as we recommend to focus on Dimetrodon for the Rares, we recommend to focus on Postimetrodon for the Epics! Not that its colleague Secodontosaurus isn’t useful, because it can certainly prove to be until you put your hands on Tryostronix, but it’s always useful to think forward!

Parting Words

All in all, this is just another average week of dinosaurs. Still, we don’t always get all the components we need at once and it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen immunity dinosaurs featured (some 15 weeks or so), so it’s a good idea to stock up while they’re here.

As always, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or comment down below your thoughts and let us know in our Discord what you’re darting!