This next two weeks should be quite the event! This week we’ve got a unique attempt and a really interesting shot at some great DNA! So buckle up because this is not a week to take off!

Let’s cover what we’ve got on the docket!

Monday (24Attempts)

Tuesday + Wednesday (12 Attempts)

Thursday + Friday (9 Attempts)

Saturday (2 Attempts)

Sunday (1 Attempt)

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, Lythronax is the only one that currently makes a hybrid, but it’s also locked up in a park so the free attempts are a welcome surprise. You could make a case for getting Tanycolagreus for the same reason (it’s also locked in parks) but it lacks a hybrid so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that.

For the Rares we have a global rare (Utahraptor) that is pretty essential for Utasinoraptor and Spinotaraptor, both creating two very useful uniques in Spinotasuchus and Utarinex. So if you’re out of Utahraptor, it might be a worthy endeavor to collect a whole bunch and use your attempts here. But Proceratosaurus makes the new Apex-tier dino Proceratomimus, and Proceratosaurus is locked up as an arena exclusive, meaning you can’t get this dinosaur in the wild. So if you have any interest in creating or leveling Proceratomimus, focus your attempts here.

For the Epics, there’s a lot of options. Pyroraptor isn’t always so easy to come by, and both Pyrritator and Magnapyritor are excellent in the arena. Magna, particularly, is a Tyrant-tier dinosaur on many many end game teams. Spinotaraptor is another reasonable choice, saving yourself the Spinosaurus DNA and the Utahraptor DNA and giving you more fuel to fuse for the end-game Spinotasuchus hybrid. This is likely where most people will focus attempts, but Darwinopterus is nothing to scoff at. It’s another park exclusive, and hard to find, so taking attempts on this can help you create the two new unique flyers in Pterovexus and Stygidaryx.

For the Legendaries, we’ve got a real tough choice here. Utarinex is still one of the most powerful uniques and most helpful uniques in the arena. It’s a straight-up generalist that has plus matchups versus some of the most fearsome dinosaurs in the arena. So gathering up more Utasinoraptor for your Utarinex is completely understandable. Further complicating things, Utahsinoraptor is also fearsome in its own right. Plenty of people have focused their efforts on boosting this creature too. But to us, it comes back to the arena-exclusive nature of things. And the fact is, Irritator is only available in the arena incubators, and not in the wild. So getting a bunch of Pyrritator attempts means a lot less Irritator needed (at 200 a fuse). So if you’ve gotta pick one, our money is on Pyrritator.

For the Unique, just dart Utarinex. Like I said before, it’s excellent. You’ll hate facing it in the arena, and you’ll love having it on your team.

Parting Words

All in all, this next week will be crazy. There’s just a ton of great DNA out there. Frankly, we’ll happily put up with lockdown weeks if we are going to get more weeks like this, with excellent dinos and excellent DNA. So get after it explorers!

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