As we discussed in our article on the many fun events of March, the latest event is live and we’ve all got a role to play!

Supply Spree

Supply Spree is a global challenge for every Jurassic World Alive player. Ludia is counting every supply drop that we spin and if we get up to 50 million spins, we’re all getting an Epic incubator!

But we’re just about a day and a half into it now and we’re still a ways off. Below is the latest tracker from Ludia (they post one every day from now till Friday at 10AM EST and 4PM EST) and as you can see, we need more spins!


If we don’t quite make it to 50 million spins by Friday at 10AM EST, we’ve still got a chance at other prizes.


But let’s all do our part and see how far we can go together!

St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Coin Chase

In addition to the supply spree, be sure to grab those chests.

If you’ve seen these green and gold chests out and about, you should be aware that each day you can collect up to 25,000 coins from them! Pretty awesome!

So there’s plenty to do in Jurassic World Alive today. Stock up on coins. Get into the arena and do some battles. And spin those supply drops!

Let’s get that Epic incubator together!