Welcome to this Epic Strike Guide! This time, we’re facing three dinosaurs who at first don’t have much in common, but these dinosaurs were actually the first dinosaur fossils ever discovered! Let’s see if we can beat this OG trio!

Enemy overview:


Stegosaurus (30), Iguanodon (30), Megalosaurus (30)

Huge thanks to our artist Orange Heart for the incredible graphic showing off these dinosaurs!


As you can see, we’re getting a bit of everything in this strike. Slowing, counter-attacking, stunning; it’s all there. We can predict the lead dino a bit, as the AI likes to use Swap In-abilities in-battle. So, we can narrow it down to two lead dinos: Stegosaurus and Megalosaurus.

But we at MetaHub suspect the AI might want to swap in Iguanodon on T2 for the Swap in Stun. We can use this to our advantage, as you can use Suchotator to work around the Iguanodon swapping. Use it turn 1 and use Instant Distraction T1 to minimize the damage. You can then Lethal Wound the incoming Iguanodon and pray the Swap in Stun doesn’t stun you. If it does, Lethal wound the Iguanodon next turn to kill Iguanodon in three turns. Make sure your Suchotator survives as long as possible. Do this by using Instant Distraction and Superiority Strike, using the latter to regain the speed advantage for a possible bleed on the next dino and possibly use Lethal Wound again. Your Suchotator should be at least at level 8 to see the Iguanodon fall down, and at level 20 it lives for sure to Lethal Wound the other dino.

After you hopefully finish the Iguanodon, the only dinos left are Megalosaurus and Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus can be beaten by strong, hard hitting immune dinosaurs like Dimetrodon, Tryostronix and Indominus Rex. Another strategy might be to bleed it again, but most bleeders won’t live to see the Stegosaurus drop. You can however take advantage of it by sending out a set-up dino like Gorgosuchus or something like that to have an edge against the Megalosaurus. It’ll most likely take a good chunk out of your dinos health, but it will be beatable.

Megalosaurus is an interesting dino to face, as it has that full counter attack. Dinosaurs that can stun like Stegoceratops, Triceratops or Paramoloch can prove useful so reduce Megalosaurus’ damage output. It isn’t a guaranteed strategy though, as the stuns are able to miss. If you don’t like that, you can try to get high damage dealers like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus to clean up.

And if you struggle to get that last hit in, our good friends Dracoceratops and Dracorex GEN 2 always turn their heads around the corner. Take them with you if you struggle to get the final kill, and if played right, Dracoceratops can be used more than once! If you have a Dracoceratops, time to bust it out in case you struggle to get the final hit in!


If you beat this strike, you’ll be rewarded with an Epic Incubator based off of your current player level.

Parting words

This strike might be challenging for the low-level players with low-level dinosaurs but using the right strategy can get the job done.

Let us know which strategy worked out for you and if you got some good DNA out of it!

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