So it turns out, dinosaur names are really long, and sometimes hard to pronounce.

Spend any time in our discord and you’ll see a lot of names thrown around that may make no sense to the newest members of the Dinosaur Protection Group!

While some of these names are just shortened versions of the full name (such as Tryko for Trykosaurus or Dime for Dimetrodon), others are… well… less clear.

We’ve got Christmas Chicken. We’ve got Spikey Potato. We’ve got PotatoTitan. We’ve got Dodgestritch. We’ve got Golden Rat. There’s no question that using the full dinosaur name can be a bit annoying at times!

Pachy…oh…pachy…oh — Friar Tuck!

But while some of these names are self explanatory, we also run into other issues at times. Tenonto can sometimes mean Tenonotosaurus, and sometimes mean Tenontorex, depending on the context. Mono can sometimes refer to Monolophosaurus, and sometimes refer to Monomimus.

At times, for newcomers, it can be more confusing than chocolate covered Doritos.

So in honor of our good friend Pachycephalosaurus, we’ve decided to partner with your very favorite JWA Field Guide, and come to a consensus on some nicknames for these beloved creatures. And in true democratic fashion, we’re going to vote on them!

But this is the cool part. Whatever nicknames we all pick? They’ll be included in an update of the JWA Field Guide, will be presented in an article for everyone’s reference, and will be rigorously enforced on our discord server! 🙂 We will end this confusion forever. May the people cast their votes wisely.

Now, we don’t want everyone trying to come up with nicknames for 180 dinosaurs all at once. So we came up with a plan to make it a bit more manageable.

So each Friday, for a few weeks, we’ll be voting on a few tiers of dinosaurs. Results will be posted after we’ve collected enough votes!

  • Friday, March 15th – Voting on Tyrant/Apex Tiers
  • Friday, March 22nd – Voting on Alpha/Beta Tiers
  • Friday, March 29th – Voting on Survivor/Scavenger/Hatchling Tiers

Enter a few nicknames you love, or fill out all three surveys, but at the end of the day we’ll use what we see come up most often!

So hit this GIANT LINK RIGHT HERE to begin voting right now on the Tyrant/Apex tiers of dinosaurs and your favorite nicknames for them.

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