Explorers! It’s time for the second half of the heated Dracoceratops debate. How to get rid of this pesky little tyrant.

We have already discussed how to play Dracoceratops (DC for short). Now will will discuss how to effectively get rid of it. There is much debate on the technicalities of whether or not DC actually has a counter but ideally, you want to try to get rid of it before it can come back in again. So for this guide, we will mainly be focusing on dinos that have the best chance to exterminate it after it has already swapped in.

High Damage Strategy

Once of DC’s weaknesses is its speed so you want to use dinos that are faster than DC and have a high turn one damage. The idea is to be able to take it out in one hit before it can regenerate and swap out or hit you with another rampage move. High turn 1 damage Dinos include:

Uniques: Erlidominus, Tenontorex, Thoradolosaur

Legendary: Spinotasuchus, Tryostronix, Utasinoraptor

Epic: *Tyrannosaurus Rex

Rare: Postosuchus

Common: *Allosaurus, *Tarbosaurus

*slower than DC

It’s important to note that all of the dinos listed above usually need to be same level as DC and several of them rely on a critical hit to take it out. Even if you aren’t able to take out DC in turn 1, I always go for the highest damaging move turn 2. If they want to try and save DC (which let’s be honest most people do), they will often switch after they regenerate and they will have a fresh new dino coming in to take a very large hit.

Erlidominus and Postosuchus are the only 2 that have guaranteed turn 1 damage to take it out at equal levels. So everyone that unlocked Erlidom this weekend will be able to put it to good use! You will usually see DC at team level in the higher arenas, but that isn’t always the case. Many teams run it lower than team level and that can really open up the possibilities of counters for it.

Pinning Strategy

Another option is to pin it down so it can’t get away. The trick to this strategy is the pinning dino must be slower than DC. Since regeneration is a priority move, the pinning move will come after that and it won’t be able to get away. You can then try and dispatch of it with the dino you already have out, or even swap into your own DC or another dino that can take it out in one hit. Pinning Dinosaurs include:

Uniques: Diorajasaur

Legendary: Gigaspikasaur, Megalosuchus

Epic: Rajasaurus

Rare: Majundasuchus

Common: Lythronax

While these dinos can technically be at any level, you are more likely to take rampage damage from DC since you are slower. So make sure you have enough health to take that damage before you can pin them down. It’s also important to note that a higher level Gigaspikasaur and any level Megalosuchus will be faster than DC and might not be able to pin it down if DC does acute stun and then regenerates. Since the regenerate move allows it to swap, they can manually swap out to another dino before you will be able to pin it down.

Predicting the Swap In

If you are able to predict the swap, use Edmontoguanadon. The swap in stun will take effect before the Defense Shattering Rampage and if the stun lands (66 % chance) then DC won’t even get the DSR hit off. You can also swap to another full health dino so DC doesn’t take you out completely. It will still do damage, but you might be able to take it out turn one if you use one of the dinos listed above.

It’s also important to pay attention when DC is able to get away. Try to remember what level it was and what damage it can do at that level because if you bring out a dino in that range, they are most likely going to bring it out again.

The Bait and Switch

If you know your opponent has DC or even if you assume they do, you can try and bait it out with a low health dino. Then immediately swap to a full health dino to see if they bring DC out. This is a great way to force them to show their hand. Depending on what dino you swap in to you might be able to one shot it once it comes out. The strategy is best utilized when you know for sure your opponent has a DC because if they don’t, all that swapping can ultimately hurt you in the long run.

Fight Fire with Fire

If all else fails, you can also try to take it out with your own DC. DC doesn’t have enough damage to take out another DC at equal levels. But it’s a good option if the opponent’s DC already has lower health. If you both swap in DC at the same time (I have had this happen before) then the higher DC will get the hit off first. If you are both the same level, it will be the person that hit the swap button first.

Be careful with this strategy, however. If their DC has already regenerated, its swap out will happen before your swap in and you might be bringing yours in to a full health dino.

Parting Words

If you are tired of seeing DC in the arena don’t despair. Hopefully these strategies will help you exterminate your rat problem. Try not to get too frustrated when they do take you down, however. Just try to remember for every one that gets away, another is getting taken down hard (check out the Ludia forum for photo evidence of that). Have fun out there explorers!


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