If you felt you didn’t quite get enough Kentrosaurus last week (with so many options to choose between), you’re in luck! There’s more coming this week. And although this week may pale in comparison to last weeks insane opportunity (5 unique attempts is just crazy), we’re still excited to get useful DNA. Also, if you decided to take a break from the arena for a week, nobody would blame you. I bet there’s gonna be a lot of fresh Tykosaurus and Erlidominus in lower Badlands (maybe even lower than that). Oh the humanity!

But let’s dive into this weeks strikes and featured dinosaurs.

Monday + Tuesday (36 Attempts)


Monolophosaurus G2

Wednesday + Thursday + Friday (30 Attempts)
Diplocaulus G2

Koolasuchus G2




Saturday + Sunday (6 Attempts)


Our advice as to which dinos to go for this week hasn’t changed much since the last time we had a debuff week, and perhaps we have also learned to appreciate these dinos even more… Here is what most of us at Metahub will be darting this week, and what we recommend to you!

Which Dinos to focus on this Week:

For the Commons, this will be an easy decision for us. While Diplocaulus and Mono G2 both create good hybrids in Diplotator (surprisingly underrated) and the legendary Monolometrodon, we will still likely get mostly Stegosaurus on this one. Stegosaurus is the dino needed to fuse both Stegoceratops and Stegodeus, which may have fallen out of fashion but is increasingly becoming beneficial with more and more Erlidominus popping up in the arena. You need a tank that can shield and Stegod is the easier tank to make than Tragodistis or Gigaspikasaurus, at least when you have the stegosaurus DNA.

For the Rares we have 5 dinos to choose from… one of which is Tuojiangosaurus. Tuijiangosaurus is needed to create both Tuoramoloch and Diorajasaur, two decent unique dinosaurs that have some relevance in the current meta (and many on the forums are calling for buffs on one or both of these, so who knows). But the real prize is probably Proceratosaurus. The new Proceratomimus has been a real beast in the arena, especially for an epic dinosaur, and Procera DNA is pretty hard to come by. Having this many attempts at Proceratosaurus is really hard to pass up. Especially when it’s normally locked away as an arena exclusive. Both Diplo G2 and Koola G2 are hybridless at the moment so there’s not a lot to be desired here.

For the Epics the choice is pretty simple, and our money remains on everyone darting Kentrosaurus! Kentro is one of the ingredients required to fuse and make the beastly tank Ankyntrosaurus, and later on Trykosaurus (which we’ve all had shots at this week) which is one of only 5 Tyrant-tier dinosaurs. Still, after the tournament, many will be getting their hands on a bunch of Scolosaurus DNA for the first time, and a few may even be able to begin fusing Skoolasaurus! Those in that boat may need to stock up on some more Koolasuchus to make sure they’re well prepared for fusing. Still, most of us are going Kentro.

Strike Events

As for strike events, it looks like we are getting spoiled again with THREE epic incubator shots. Let’s just hope this week’s boss strike is not as hard as that trio of level 30’s that proved especially challenging for even the strongest teams (looking at you, level 30 Tryko, level 30 Dilorachierus, and level 30 Indoraptor).

Parting Words

It may be hard to be as excited about any week of featured dinosaurs after this last week or two, but this is a solid week that should return us to reality. Hopefully we get a few more like this to continue to make progress towards our team goals and build those end-game dinosaurs.

As always, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or comment down below your thoughts and let us know in our Discord what you’re darting!