Edited To Add: We’re told the Epic strike actually contains 4 raptors and Blue is one of them. The core of this guide still represents the most effective strategy (tanks with superiority strike) that you should use to win. Just be aware that facing the third dino will likely result in a swap so be sure to use something slowing as a “kill shot” and insurance that you’ll get a second priority opportunity.

Please Note: This strike event is another very challenging one. Surviving three rounds against raptors means you’re going to need a strong team with superiority strike dinosaurs, probably more than one tank. We’ll do our best to give you what we feel is a strong winning strategy.

Enemy Overview

Step 1:  Charlie (30), Delta (30), Echo (30)


This battle will prove interesting because of the speed of these dinosaurs. There’s really only two routes you can take with them. You either need high-health and high-armor dinos with superiority strike (like our friend Stegodeus), or you need to be faster to have priority and hit like a truck. We’ll talk about speed ties and being faster a little further down.

So what do we do about this raptor pack?


The cleanest way to do this strike is to use tanks with superiority strike. Even at modest levels, most of the legendary tanks (especially Stegodeus) should be able to get rid of the pounce, take the speed advantage, and crush these raptors. It might require you field 2 or 3 tanks, but you should be able to pull it off that way.

Some of the Sauropods will help you out (Nodopatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Giraffatitan) and of course the big tanks like Stegodeus and Tragodistis, as well as the higher HP but lower defense tanks like Kentrosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, and Tuojiangosaurus. So very similar to the level 30 strike here.

But you might also want to bring along a “cleaner” to take care of things near the end. If you lose two tanks and are nervous about your third being a bit on the light side and possibly not surviving, you may want to try to outspeed the raptors if you have a viable way to do so.

Just remember – when you are tied in speed with another dinosaur, the following priority order takes place.

Dinosaur with the highest speed goes first.
If speed is tied, dinosaur with the higher level goes first.
If level is tied, dinosaur with the higher rarity goes first.

Here’s the chart of the fastest dinos in the game from 129 speed to 132. Echo’s speed is only 128 so anything on this list will beat echo regardless of level or rarity.

Dinosaur Rarity Speed
Velociraptor Common 132
Blue Epic 131
Delta Rare 131
Ornithomimus Rare 131
Deinocheirus Common 130
Tanycolagreus Common 130
Diloracheirus Unique 129
Monomimus Legendary 129
Spinotasuchus Legendary 129
Pyroraptor Epic 129
Stygimoloch Epic 129
Charlie Rare 129
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 Rare 129


So just because you have a Pyroraptor doesn’t mean it’ll be faster than Charlie. Most likely, Charlie will be the higher level dino so Charlie will still take priority. You’ll want to focus on those 130 dinos or on Velociraptor to ensure you are breaking the speed ties.

All in all, this challenge should be doable for the mid-level player due to the low health pool of these three raptors, but you’ll need some armor and a heavy helping of slowing moves.

Possible Counters By Rarity (Level Dependent)

Unique: Diloracheirus, Indoraptor, Utarinex, Tuoramoloch, Diorajasaur

Legendary: Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Alankylosaurus, Monomimus, Paramoloch, Rajakylosaurus, Nodopatotitan, Gigaspikasaurus, Diloranosaurus, Allosinosaurus, Ankyntrosaurus, Pyrritator, Utahsinoraptor

Epic: Stegoceratops, Alanqa, Kentrosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Sinoceratops, Nodopatosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Blue, Spinotahraptor, Ouranosaurus, Koolasuchus, Sarcorixis.

Rare: Tuojiangosaurus, Arambourgiana, Giraffatitan, Wuerhosaurus, Diplotator

Common: Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Tanycolagreus


If you manage to pull this off, you’ll end up with an Epic Incubator with a total DNA count based on your current player level. Pretty sweet.

In Conclusion

Overall, this strike event isn’t TERRIFYING, but it still will be a challenge. As always, tailor your strategy to your team, not our recommendations alone. You still need to hit hard enough to take down these monsters, so using a level 8 Stegosaurus because it’s mentioned above instead of your level 17 Einiasuchus just because it isn’t mentioned above is not advisable. Use the strong stuff you’ve come to know and trust in the arena, just be aware that you’ll need to take a few pounces to survive this speedy gauntlet.

Good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!

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