In this game, some moves are better than others. You have amazing moves like Ferocious Strike, Defense Shattering Rampage or Distracting Impact that really shine in this game! And then you have Lockdown Strike, which is basically a Pinning Strike with a cooldown turn. It does exactly the same, and has a cooldown turn. This crocodile signature move needs to have something to deserve this cooldown. So in this article, I’m going to discuss a couple of ways to improve Lockdown Strike/Impact and try to make it viable to use. Therefore also improving the crocodilian dinosaurs, who desperately need a role in the meta.

1: Higher Priority

As I was discussing this with people in the MetaHub Discord, this idea came up a lot. Basically the premise of this idea is to rework Lockdown Strike into a move with absolute priority. When a opposing dinosaur swaps and you use Lockdown Strike, it gets priority before swapping, so you can hit and pin the opposing dinosaur before they can swap! This would make the move quite powerful, as swapping is very prevalent in JWA right now. Being able to assess ultimate priority and being able to pin the opposing dinosaur would make crocodilian dinosaurs the ultimate swap preventing dinosaurs.

To prevent the move from being too powerful, I’d suggest one of two options. Either give this move a delay of 1 and raise the cooldown to two turns, or just give the move a three-turn cooldown. This would make it so you couldn’t use this move too much or too quickly as the effect really is brutal to deal with.

2: Pursuit

Another one of the ideas that came up was inspired by the Pokémon series. In the Pokémon competitive series, swapping is even more important as it is in JWA. The Pokémon series has a move which punishes swappers: Pursuit. What Pursuit does is that when the opposing Pokémon swaps out, Pursuit activates before the swap and hits the opposing Pokémon with double the damage it would do if the Pokémon hadn’t swapped out. So Pursuit punishes swappers a lot by prioritizing the attack before the swap, but when the opposing Pokémon doesn’t swap, the move doesn’t have any priority at all.

To implement this into Lockdown Strike, I’d suggest we’d remove the pinning aspect of it and focus on the priority damage role. Rework it into a regular Strike, but when the opposing dinosaur swaps out, it gains priority and hits them with double the damage, basically making it a Rampage. Think of the situations this could be helpful in! Reworking the move like this would punish swappers a lot! The only thing it wouldn’t work on is the Hit and Run moves like Swoop and Impact and Run. The effect would work only on you, as the player, making a swap. This would make this move very powerful late-battle or in Strike Events, as players tend to swap out their third dinosaur when it’s on low health. Same with the Strike Events. The AI likes to swap into dinosaurs with Swap In Abilities, so this move could be very useful.

To balance this move a bit then, I’d suggest a cooldown of two turns. This way you couldn’t always hit the swapping dinosaur hard, but still keep the pressure on them with the cooldown not being too high. I’d also suggest a new name for the move: Chasing Strike. The Lockdown effect with Pinning is gone in this move, and the crocodile basically chases the opposing dinosaur to inflict one last hit on it. Finally, I’d also remove the Impact type of this move, as it would be too much to just inflict 3x damage in one hit. Many crocodiles have a Ferocious Strike/Impact move, and they can choose to either use their Chasing Strike on their first turn, or to first boost themselves and then try to hit the swapping dinosaur as hard as they can.

3: No cleansing/Immunity

This one is a bit more straightforward. When your dinosaur uses Lockdown Strike/Impact you pin the opposing dinosaur, but they can’t cleanse it. This way, they really are locked down in the battlefield and can’t get out in any way. This extra effect would give Lockdown Strike a reason to have a cooldown and be an improvement of the regular Pinning Strike basic move. It would be an improved Pinning Strike in which the opposing dinosaur can’t get out, whatever the consequences. It could also work on Immune dinosaurs, so that they can’t swap out as well. This small, but at the same time huge rework could give this move a very good use in the arena and could give crocodilian dinosaurs a good place in the meta as swapping preventers.

In Conclusion

These are three of my ideas that would really make Lockdown Strike a move that’s actually worth using. Giving it priority over swapping or the ability to pin even if the opponent cleanses or has Immunity would really improve this move and crocodilian dinosaurs in general.
What are your thoughts? Are there any other moves you think should get a rework? Let me know down below or join our Discord server and discuss with us! Happy hunting explorers!

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