Last week we discussed a brand new survey we’re doing that we’re thrilled about! And we’re so excited to say that the response was OVERWHELMINGLY awesome.

We had over 1500 survey responses! And this week we’re at it again! Remember, the winning names in these surveys will be considered the official (unofficial) nicknames of dinos and will be posted in a final article here on Metahub, widely used in our Discord server (as some already are) and will be listed in a new update of the JWA Field Guide App.

Exciting stuff!! So let’s jump into how it works! If you just want to go to the survey, here’s another massive link –


So each Friday, for a few weeks, we’ll be voting on a few tiers of dinosaurs. Results will be posted after we’ve collected enough votes!

  • Friday, March 15th – Voting on Tyrant/Apex Tiers
  • Saturday, March 23rd – Voting on Alpha/Beta Tiers
  • Friday, March 29th – Voting on Survivor/Scavenger/Hatchling Tiers

Enter a few nicknames you love, or fill out all three surveys, but at the end of the day we’ll use what we see come up most often!

So one more time, hit this GIANT LINK RIGHT HERE to begin voting right now on the Alpha/Beta tiers of dinosaurs and your favorite nicknames for them.

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