Hey Explorers! First off, I’d like to congratulate everyone in surviving the Season 6 tournament! Whether you did well or fell short of what you were hoping for, now is the time we can go back and test out new dinos that we’ve been toying with the idea of putting onto our teams, explore new strategies, and look for areas where we can improve. Perhaps there are some dinos that we are curious to use but aren’t quite sure where they thrive. Well, today I want to go over the 3 chompers that play a pivotal role in the meta: Trykosaurus, Thoradolosaur, & Tenontorex. We’ll go over what match ups they thrive in, where they may fall short, and what situations one may be better suited than another. Let’s dive into it.



TIER Tyrant


DEFENSE SHATTERING RAMPAGE Destroy shields, bypass Armor, and deal 2x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn(s) Delay: 1 turn(s)

DEFENSE SHATTERING STRIKE Destroy shields, bypass Armor, and deal 1x damage.
INSTANT DISTRACTION Priority. Target’s damage is reduced 90% 1 turn.

Cooldown: 1 turn(s)

INSTANT INVINCIBILITY Priority. Shield 100% for 1 turn.

Cooldown: 3 turn(s) Delay: 1 turn(s)


COUNTER-ATTACK (0.5) Deal 0.5x damage after receiving but surviving damage.


26 4500 1600
25 4286 1524
24 4082 1452
23 3888 1383
22 3703 1318
21 3527 1256


Trykosaurus Thrives Against:
Erlidominus, Tanks, Slower Chompers

Trykosaurus Struggles Against:
Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex, Diloracheirus, Tryostronix, Bleeders (sometimes)

Trykosaurus Goes Even With:
Indoraptor, Utarinex, Utasinoraptor, Magnapyritor (pending Tryko gets 1 crit)

Oh Tryko, what a long way you’ve come. From being a beast with a back-to-back Rampage bite, but slow to get going off the ground kit, to the mind game monstrosity it is today, there’s no question that Trykosaurus is one of the most feared dinos in the arena today. Trykosaurus is an anti-tank-tank that provides a kit with stats where power meets bulk. What more could anyone ask for? With Tryko’s 30% Armor and beefy health pool, it has the sustainability to last in a battle with the damage to send an opponent’s entire team rushing to the dino ER if played right. Tryko is the only tank that can give bleeders major fits due to the high damage it can dish out. All that said, despite what Tryko’s Instant Invincibility would imply, Trykosaurus is far from an invincible. In fact, the 2 other chompers on this list are Trykosaurus’ primary kryptonite.

For the match ups that Tryko goes even with, that’s where the mind games come into play, especially with Indoraptor. Let’s analyze each “even” match up

Indoraptor: it’s a battle of knowing when Tryko is going to use Instant Distraction and when Indoraptor is going to use Cleansing Impact. Problem is? There’s no sure way of knowing. My advice? Don’t use ID turn 1. Chances are the opposing Indo is going to do one of the following:
-Evasive Stance to see if you’ll Instant Distract. If you do ID, they’ll likely Armor Piercing Strike so as to not waste Cleansing Impact into a likely Instant Invincibility. Sure, you stopped a big hit and prevented a DSR witih your ID, but now you’re down 3 turns without Invincibility leaving you a bit more exposed to Indo’s fierce DSR.
-Armor Piercing Strike so as to test whether you’ll ID. If you do, they’re clear to Defense Shatter Rampage. If you don’t, they’re either going to go Evasive Stance to chance dodging your DSR or are going to DSR right away chancing that you’re not going to ID. On top of all that, how do you know that they aren’t just bringing out Indo to setup for their surprise Dracoceratops?
Like I said, major mind game.

Utarinex: For the most part, Utarinex does very well in this matchup, but it just means you have to play on the defensive with Trykosaurus. ID Utarinex’s Impacts, take Utarinex’s Instant Charge, and live with a distracted-Rampage. Ultimately, if Utarinex’s Instant Charge stun doesnt land, Tryko has this in the bag, but even if that isn’t the case, Tryko can get off some nice big chunks with its distracted-Rampages.

Utasinoraptor: Similar situation with Utarinex, but Utasinoraptor has less health and packs a bigger punch, though no run. Dampening both impacts will be crucial, especially the critical impact. Best time to use Rampage is when Critical Impact is down

Magnapyritor: Magna performs quite well into this match up, but if Tryko manages to land a crit on one of its non-counter hits in the 1st 2 turns they square off, Tryko wins. With a 30% chance to crit from Tryko, that’s a dice roll on Magna’s end.

Now let’s move on to Tryko’s fierce counterparts





DEFENSE SHATTERING IMPACT Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 1.5x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn(s)

DEFENSE SHATTERING RAMPAGE Destroy shields, bypass Armor, and deal 2x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn(s) Delay: 1 turn(s)

DEFENSE SHATTERING STRIKE Destroy shields, bypass Armor, and deal 1x damage.
INSTANT CHARGE Priority. Deal 1x damage. 75% chance to stun 1 turn.

Cooldown: 2 turn(s) Delay: 1 turn(s)


26 4200 1640
25 4000 1562
24 3810 1488
23 3629 1418
22 3457 1351
21 3293 1287


Thoradolosaur Thrives Against:
Trykosaurus, Tanks, Slower/Lower level Chompers, Dracoceratops

Thoradolosaur Struggles Against:
Utarinex, Magnapyritor, Diloracheirus, Erlidominus, Indoraptor

Thoradolosaur Goes Even Against:
Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex, Those it struggles against when RNG provokes high crits

Thoradolosaur, the darling dino of Patch 1.5. Thor is the dino that comes to mind when we think of a demonstration of raw power! It’s a sheer force to be reckoned with, topped off with an anxiety inducing whopping 40% chance to crit! Thor is one of the few dinos in this game that can turn an entire battle if RNG decides to favor its crits (I’ve been down 0-2 before only to bring in Thor to steal the show and seal victory). Where Thor’s greatest threats lie are within its crit chance rate and its access to Instant Charge. This is what makes Thor’s matchups much more situational and sometimes RNG-based. If Thor can get its crits running on a Rampage, the same dinos that Thor technically struggles against are also the same dinos Thor can pop off against, granted that lady luck is accompanying Thor’s crits that match. I recognize that crits are thrown around a lot in Thor’s comparisons, but Thor is the only dinosaur in the game that can be compared while in mutual association with crit because there’s no other dino that offers a higher probability of crit as Thor does. If you really want to cripple Thor? Distract it. Does it assure you a lock down against Thor? Absolutely not, you still have the crit storm to worry about, but it does blunt Thor’s claws for a moment. Utarinex & Magnapyritor dominate this match up, and Dilo will as well so long as Dilo is not coming in on Thor’s turn 2. As for Tenontorex, our bovine friend does have the potential to lock down our emerald eviscerator if Thor & Tenonto are of the same level and IF Tenonto can win the speed tie. All in all, Thor is an integral force of power for any contending player’s lineup.





DEFENSE SHATTERING IMPACT Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 1.5x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn(s)

DEFENSE SHATTERING RAMPAGE Destroy shields, bypass Armor, and deal 2x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn(s) Delay: 1 turn(s)

DISTRACTING IMPACT Deal 1.5x damage. Target’s damage is reduced 50% for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 2 turn(s)

SUPERIORITY STRIKE Cleanse distraction. Deal 1x damage.

Target’s speed -50% for 1 turn.


26 4500 1640
25 4286 1562
24 4082 1488
23 3888 1418
22 3703 1351
21 3527 1287


Tenontorex Thrives Against:
Trykosaurus, Tanks, Slower/lower level Chompers

Tenontorex Struggles Against:
Erlidominus, Magnapyritor, Utarinex

Tenontorex Goes Even Against:
Thoradolosaur, Indoraptor, Diloracheirus

Trykosaurus might be the mind game king amongst chompers, but Tenontorex comes into the mix with debatably the most versatile moveset in the game. Its presence in the arena is a total gambit where depending on what move Tenonto opens or responds with, can make or break its matchup. Tenontorex is unique not just in its rarity but that it is the only chomper that gives non-immunity speedsters fits to battle against. Diloracheirus’ 1st move against Tenonto determines the outcome of this matchup. Will Tenonto distract me? If that happens, neither of my Rampages will finish it off. Will Tenonto use Superiority Strike on me in attempt to 1-2 punch Dilo to an early grave? Or Indoraptor, where Indo’s forced to use Armor Piercing Strike if you intend to cleanse off Tenonto’s distraction, or Evasion if you’re up for taking the gamble that your Indo is willing to risk avoiding the Tenonto-induced head bashing. Distracting Impact followed by Superiority Strike is the formula to put Indoraptor in panic attack as this gives Tenontorex 3 turns to slap Indoraptor around.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that we refer to Tenontorex as a “chomper” when it’s an herbivore?


Now, let’s consider that your team has reached near the end game and you’ve unlocked most of the meta relevant dinosaurs in the game and are focused on constructing the most optimal team for success. A big question many have asked: Who do I put on my team?

The short answer: Trykosaurus & Thoradolosaur are staples to any successful team. As strong and great as Tenontorex is, our big beefy boy is in a bit of a more flex position. Not by fault or shortcoming on Tenonto’s part, but rather by how many other strong dinosaurs that are in game now. Ultimately it will come down to a matter of personal preference. Monostegotops offers great crowd control with its constant Impact moveset, Utasinoraptor offers a blend of speed & damage, with a hint of armor, and a valuable Instant charge, or even Procerathomimus’ rising presence with a 131 wicked speed, evasion & kit full of distractions is enough to clean up a match. Again, it really comes down to one’s personal preference and battle style, so go out there and find where these great beasts fit into your team’s mix.

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