Remember the days when you couldn’t remember the days since your last Kentrosaurus or Ankylosaurus? Well those days are gone… Hello legion of freshly made Trykosauruses. Cause Armor week is back, and this time with a special twist!

If you’re on the fence about what to dart and what to leave behind, we’re here to help. Below is our guide on what we think is most important for you to focus on!

Monday + Tuesday (24 Attempts)
Ankylosaurus Gen 2


Wednesday + Thursday (12 Attempts)


Friday + Saturday + Sunday (15 Attempts)





Holy buckets that’s a lot of epics for this weekend! Let’s dive into our recommendations!

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, there’s really only one clear choice! Tournament rewards should be coming soon (today perhaps, or perhaps a little later this week) while Ludia handles a little cleanup on the leaderboard. And with those tournament rewards comes the first batch of Scolosaurus. And if anyone wants to make the new LEGENDARY hybrid Skoolasaurus, you’ll need Scolosaurus at level 15. So taking 24 attempts at the first Scolosaurus we’ve ever seen is probably a good plan! Still, Ankylosaurus Gen 2 is used in a powerful legendary hybrid – Alankylosaurus. So if you’re truly desperate for it, you could go this direction. We just wouldn’t recommend it. Take the opportunity to dart a brand new never-before-seen dino and stock up on that common DNA.

For the Rares we have 2 dinos to choose from… Ankylocodon is a powerful armor eater, and one of the only ones with immunity. It can be pretty helpful until you build other powerful legendaires like Tryostronix and Allosinosaurus to chomp those pesky tanks. If you’re struggling to beat tanks, it might be a worthy target. Plus, who knows, it could get a super-hybrid in the next patch. On the other hand, Nodosaurus is needed to fuse for Nodopatosaurus which then can be used on three other legendary hybrids (Stegodeus, Gigaspikasaurus, and Nodopatotitan). Stegodeus is obviously one of the most used pure tanks right now, so definitely worth stocking up on Nodosaurus DNA to keep leveling your Stegodeus or to fuse for it!

For the Epics, on the other hand, we’ve got quite the conundrum. A case could be made for any of them, depending on where you’re at in the game. But if your focused on creating the most powerful end-game dinosaurs, our money is on Ankylosaurus. It has one of the most useful trees. It’s used to create Ankyntrosaurus and Rajakylosaurus, both great legendary dinosaurs, and those two are components in some of the most powerful uniques in the game (or at least one is a powerful unique) — Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus. Trykosaurus is one of only five Tyrant-tier dinosaurs, so definitely worth getting. Sinoceratops is also worthy of a few attempts, especially if you don’t see them often. It can create Allosinosaurus may only be a Legendary, but it is one powerful monster, and can certainly help you if you’re a few Thor fuses short. And of course, you could also use that Sinoceratops DNA for the other half of the tree which is equally as useful — creating Utasinoraptor and eventually the unique and extremely powerful Utarinex. The other three are certainly worthy of some darts if your team is running low on component materials and you’re just looking for a shortcut to get to the next level with a powerful legendary like Tragodistis, Gigaspikasaurus, or Monostegotops.

Strike Events

This week is going to be quite a week for strike events. It’s very rare to see FOUR Epic Strikes, and a welcome surprise. One of the best is first (a level 30 Postimetrodon) which should be possible with some clever plays by lower level players despite the Posti’s immunity. Anytime you have a full squad of 4 dinos taking on one single level 30, you have a real shot at an epic incubator at almost any level.

Overall, these strikes look great!

Parting Words

This is an exciting week in Jurassic World Alive. It may not be 5 unique dinos exciting, but it’s rare we get to see a brand new never-before-seen dinosaur as a featured dino in a Monday/Tuesday. That alone makes it worth a try! So don’t skip Monday/Tuesday darting and get your Scolosaurus.

See you in the arena, Trykosaurus. You make the badlands shake in their boots!

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