Please Note: This strike event is the most challenging strike event we’ve ever faced. Lord Lythronax is an incredible foe with major advantages over most of your dinosaur squad. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. We always find a way to beat strike towers. Let’s break it down!

Enemy Overview

Step 1:  Lord Lythronax (30)

  • Nullifying Strike: Deal 1x damage. Removes positive effects.
  • Long Invincibility: Become invincible for 2 turns. 
  • Defense Shattering Rampage: Deal 2x damage. Destroy Shields. Bypass Armor.
  • Instant Rampage: Priority. Deal 2x damage. Cooldown 1 turn.

Remember: Lord Lythronax is also IMMUNE – which means damage over time won’t work on this monster.

This battle will prove interesting because of the incredible kit of Lord Lythronax. Due to his immunity, you cannot employ the normal strategy of bleeding Lord Lythronax out.

Damage and Health Chart

Lord Lythronax may appear to have some weaknesses in the skills chart, but this dinosaur can be a bit deceiving. For one, that immunity can pose a real problem. You can’t slow big LL down, and you can’t lay on a damage over time effect. Worse still, you also can’t distract Lord Lythronax.

Here’s our chart of the moves, damage, and health of this monsters at level 30.

Dinosaur/Move Health (At Lvl 30) Damage (At Lvl 30)
Lord Lythronax 7901 2249
Nullifying Strike 2249
Long Invincibility 0
Defense Shattering Rampage 4498
Instant Rampage 4498
Other Relevant Stats
Speed 132
Armor 60%
Critical Hit Chance 20%

It’s also worth mentioning, Lord Lythronax comes equipped with 132 speed (faster than even the fastest Velociraptor), a whopping 60% armor (skin tougher than even the hardest armor plated dino) and an incredible 20% crit rate to boot. Oh, and it has a 1x Counter Attack that is defense shattering, and it has swap in Defense Shattering Rampage, though I doubt it has ever needed to use that. So how do you beat this incredible foes?


In order to beat Lord Lythronax… well… we’ve got a few theories. First, if you use a Dracoceratops and a Dracorex Gen 2 at level 30 and swap on turn one and turn two and get critical hits on both swap in defense shattering rampages, that’d kill Lord Lythronax. So that’s one easy strategy, though it’d require a great deal of luck.

If you use Indoraptor at level 30 and Lord Lythronax decides to use nullifying strike, then long invincibility, and you use cleansing impact, then defense shattering rampage, and both critically hit Lord Lythronax, you might shave off 6637 damage, leaving you with a possible Hail Mary with a swap in DSR from DG2 or Dracoceratops.

Or another totally viable strategy. If you use Thoralodosaur and get a critical hit on your defense shattering impact and Lord Lythronax is dumb enough to use Long Invincibility and Nullifying Strike, and you also get off a defense shattering rampage, you would kill Lord Lythronax in two shots.

Beyond those… we’re still working on it. But I’m sure we’ll find a way. We always find a way. Come to our DISCORD SERVER where we’re discussing it ad nauseum and putting our best minds hard at work. I’m sure by the time you’re reading this article, we’ve got a foolproof solution.

Unique: Indoraptor, Thoralodosaur

Legendary: Dracoceratops

Epic: Uncertain

Rare: Unclear

Common: Dracorex Gen 2


If you manage to pull this off, you’ll end up with an Epic Incubator with a total DNA count based on your current player level. Pretty sweet.

In Conclusion

Overall, this strike is crazy. Seriously, come join our discord server and lets talk about how to beat this thing. There must be a way. We can do it together Explorers. We can do it!

Good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!

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