Counter Attack Dinosaurs are back! And while this isn’t the most thrilling of all weeks, there are some good gems to be had in all of this. Let’s take a look at what this week holds and what it means for our darting!

If you’re on the fence about what to dart and what to leave behind, we’re here to help. Below is our guide on what we think is most important for you to focus on!

Monday (9 Attempts)

Tuesday + Wednesday (24 Attempts)




Thursday (27 Attempts)



Saturday + Sunday (15 Attempts)



New Format:

As you can see, there’s a new format this week. There are commons that will be featured for a single day (such as Lythronax) and a little more spacing on attempts. We’re also going to see chest events four times a week, and are still getting three epic strikes. You’ll also notice the infographics now have both strike events and event dinos combined into one, hopefully making it easier to read.

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, Lythronax is the clear winner on Monday as it’ll be the only option really. So definitely dart all the Lythronax you can get. The Thursday set of commons may also lean towards Lythronax, if only because Miragaia and Majungasaurus do not have unique coutnerparts. And while Miragaia is strong on its own, only Lythronax fuses into Grypolyth, a unique gator that really needs a buff. Still, uniques are powerful counterparts and could be useful in the future. Then again, Miragaia or even Majundauschus could get some form of Legendary or Unique evolution at some point in the future.

For the Rares, Megalosaurus makes a powerful Legendary dinosaur in Megalosuchus, so it’s definitely the most viable current candidate. Tupandactylus makes the next most powerful hybrid in Dimodactylus, but that’s an Epic hybrid that’s a little short on health. Dsungarp and Carno currently don’t make hybrids of any kind but who knows what the future holds. There’s always an argument to be made for darting what doesn’t have a hybrid in hopes that it gets one soon.

For the Epics, the clear choice is once again Rajasaurus for the unique counterpart in Diorajasaur. It may not be the best unique in the game — in fact — it may be one of the less than optimal uniques, but still it’s a unique, and likely a better option than Concavinator or Pteranodon.

Strike Events

This week another solid week for strike events. We’ve got FOUR epic strikes once again, though Monday’s strike looks pretty difficult. We’ll have a guide up for that shortly. But getting four sets of chests is awesome, and any chance at a free epic incubator is always worthwhile.

Overall, these strikes look very interesting!

Parting Words

Perhaps not the most exciting week in Jurassic World Alive, but if we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned any dinosaur at any moment could prove useful in later updates. Ludia definitely seems to want every dinosaur to have a hybrid and some of the dinosaurs on this list don’t have one yet, so theoretically hybrids are coming for things that may seem less than useful today.

So get out there and dart some Raja.

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