Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Event guide! This time, we’re faced against a single step Epic Strike featuring counterattackers! Let’s take a look on how to beat these dinosaurs!

Enemy Overview:

Dsungaripterus (25), Carnotaurus (26), Rajasaurus (27)

Thanks to our artist Orange Heart, we’ve got another infographic for you!


The damage output from these dinosaurs shouldn’t be underestimated as they deal quite a lot of damage with their counterattack. Most of these dinosaurs also have an Armor Piercing or Defense Shattering Counter to add to the damage output. Some of them also can boost their damage output by either raising their attack with 50% or add a massive boost to their Critical Chance! Some also have a Swap-in ability, which could also be an issue with them swapping in and out. And all of these dinosaurs can put up a shield to reduce the damage taken. So as you can see, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind.

To defeat these dinosaurs, distracting these dinosaurs is a great option. Distracting these counterattackers makes it like it’s hitting only one attack. Nullifying is also a great thing to bring. Nullification removes the possible boosts and shields to really limit their damage output and resistance. Dinosaurs like Dilophosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Procerathomimus and Monomimus are amazing brings to this fight.

Swap In Abilities are amazing to use in this fight, as they don’t directly hit the opposing dinosaurs (if the Swap in move in question doesn’t damage the opponent directly). Using moves like Swap In Distraction and Swap In Bleed are amazing moves to use here. You could also finish the opposing dinosaur with Swap in Strike/Swap in Shattering Rampage. Dinosaurs like Monolophosaurus GEN 2, Diplocaulus GEN 2, Dimorphodon, Dimodactylus, Dracorex GEN 2 and Dracoceratops are amazing to bring.

Bleeding is also a great option to use here, especially if you combine the bleed with Swap In Abilities and Instant Distraction/Instant Invincibility/Long Invincibility. Keep in mind that the shields don’t work with Defense Shattering Counters! Dinosaurs like Suchotator, Spinosaurus (GEN 2), Spinotasuchus, Dimorphodon and Suchomimus are great options to bring.

If you just want an easy way of dispatching these dinosaurs, chomping them to death is a solid option. Every dinosaur with high damage output and Defense Shattering moves is a good option to bring to this fight. Think of dinosaurs like Allosaurus, Rexy, Allosinosaurus, Thoradolosaur etc.


Winning this Epic Strike will award you with a themed Epic Incubator with these potential DNA:
Common: Lythronax, Majungasaurus, Miragaia
Rare: Tupandactylus, Megalosaurus, Dsungaripterus, Carnotaurus
Epic: Rajasaurus, Pteranodon, Concavenator
Legendary (possible, but very unlikely): Megalosuchus, Rajakylosaurus, Tragodistis

Parting Words

This Strike Event shouldn’t be too hard if you play right. Still, you shouldn’t underestimate these dinosaurs’ ability to dish out major damage in one turn! Let us know if you were succesful in taking these dinosaurs out down below or in our Discord server! Happy hunting!

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