Hybrid Legacy is back, and we’re happy to see it. Because, at least around Metahub, our T-Rex stores are running on empty. So this is a great week to pick up some really useful DNA!

If you’re on the fence about what to dart and what to leave behind, we’re here to help. Below is our guide on what we think is most important for you to focus on!

Monday + Tuesday (18 Attempts)

Thursday (36 Attempts)

Saturday + Sunday (9 Attempts)
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons,  Velociraptor is still a pretty clear cut winner for many people because, although not as rare since 1.5, it clearly currently has the best Hybrids available (Indominus Rex, Erlidominus, and Indoraptor). Especially with all that Erlikosaurus floating around in our daily challenge rewards! Parasaurolophus is another valid option due to the widely used fast-tank Tragodistis, which on many teams has replaced Stegodeus as a tank with a little more utility. That one stun move can really save Trago from being immediately killed by the likes of many chompers, and it’s always able to be fastest with superiority strike and 124 speed. Still, if you’ve invested in Stegodeus or even Gigaspikasaur, grab some park-locked Stegosaurus or some occasionally tough to come by in large quantities Apatosaurus.

For the Rares we have 4 Dinos to choose from… Depending on what you see the more frequently, we suggest that you focus on the one(s) you see the less. None of these dinos are park-locked, so most are easy enough to find. It really is up to you on what you need. Many of us are going for Utahraptor – due to the weekly Sinoceratops being in guild rewards, most of us are running short on Utahraptor and Tarbosaurus for creating Thoralodosaur and Utarinex.

Otherwise, if you can allow yourself a couple attempts on Nodosaurus and Amargasaurus, they could be valuable someday… if ever Sauropods have any use at all in any meta. So far no luck on that one.

For the Epics, this might be the most difficult decision ever! All three Dinosaurs are extremely valuable! Therefore, there isn’t really any wrong decision that one could make. Our top recommendation is to focus on the Epic(s) that you usually see the less in the wild. All three Dinosaurs have extremely powerful Hybrids and SuperHybrids. After Ludia switched from T-Rex to Erlikosaurus as a daily reward, many who are trying to create or level Erlidominus are finding a severe shortage in the OG Tyrant. So Rex is a pretty strong option here.

Sinoceratops -> Utasinoraptor OR Allosinosaurus (who has a Unique SuperHybrid now)
Ankylosaurus -> Ankyntrosaurus OR Rajakylosaurus (both have powerful Unique SuperHybrids)
Tyrannosaurus Rex -> Indominus Rex OR Trykosaurus

Strike Events

Only two epic strikes this week (Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday) so there won’t be too much on that front. However, seeing the treasure chests still popping up 3 times week is a welcome surprise.

Parting Words

Although many of us are disappointed to see Kaprosuchus removed from the Hybrid Legacy event, the Epics and the Commons still provide strong choices that are useful for teams at all levels.

What will you be going for? Let us know below!

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